25 Holiday Monster Romance Books

25 Holiday Monster Romance Books

Last year, we featured 12 holiday monster romance books on our blog for the 12 Days of Christmas Monster Romance. This year, we’re more than doubling it! Why? Because ’tis the season of giving!

Dive into these 25 holiday monster romance books this December! These sweet and steamy tales blend love, adventure, and sexy monsters, adding some spice to your holiday season. Featuring sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal romance, there’s something for every reader.

If snuggling with a cup of cocoa and delving into stories of otherworldly monsters sounds like the perfect holiday celebration, check out the books below! Let these holiday tales whisk you away to a realm where monsters and humans mingle and celebrate the holidays together!

Don’t know what monster romance is? Read more about monster romance here!

1. Dear Monster Claus by Maeve Black

Her entire life, Xo has brought others happiness and love, complete with endings tied in pretty little bows.

This year, she wants that for herself.
A happy ending.

And there’s a grumpy Santa who’s more than willing to grant her this wish in exchange for finding his love for Christmas again.

Where there are candy canes, there are happily ever afters… and they’re both about to find theirs.

2. The Gargoyle Grinch by Lilith Stone

Can her sunshine melt his frozen heart this Christmas?

Gargoyle security guard Grayson Lightfoot never celebrates Christmas. It brings back too many bad memories. Besides he’s got a job to do—watching over Motham City 24/7 from his rooftop.

Maisie doesn’t celebrate Christmas either. Orphaned at an early age, she’s a sensible human with a mission—to earn enough money to open up a drop-in centre for street kids in Motham. So naturally she jumps at a lucrative holiday contract to work as a housekeeper for Grayson.

Except Maisie hasn’t factored in what a total grinch Grayson is. And sure, he may be handsome, but when her cheery presence meets with stony silence and a granite stare, Maisie’s good nature is tested. But when Maisie suddenly gets sick and Grayson flies down from the roof to nurse her, she gets to see a very different side to the grumpy gargoyle.

As for Grayson… could Maisie be the Christmas gift he’s always secretly longed for?

Find out in this cozy Christmas monster novel, full of heart, heat, and humor: Book 2 in the Motham City Monsters series.

3. Claimed by the Alien Bodyguard by Tiffany Roberts

A retired alien bodyguard. A luscious human female he craves. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his by Christmas.

Gabriela Romero is a single mother struggling to make ends meet. With Christmas fast approaching, she’s lost work, she’s late on rent, and the zeroes in her bank account are on the wrong side of the decimal point. Fortunately, she has a couple bright spots in her life—her amazing daughter, Ana, and her brief interactions with her gorgeous neighbor from across the street, Mason Lee.

He’s big, strong, kind, and he’s great with Ana. Plus, he looks at Gabriela like he wants to devour her. How could a man like him be real? When he finally asks her out—and an unexpected job comes her way—it seems Gabriela’s luck is finally turning around. Until the universe decides to give her a reality check and disaster strikes.

In Gabriela’s most desperate moments, Mason rushes to the rescue. But her savior isn’t what he seems. He’s a seven-foot-tall alien with horns and glowing violet eyes. Did she run into the arms of an otherworldly demon or will this unusual being save Christmas—and claim Gabriela’s heart in the process?

4. Tinsel & Tentacles by Kate McDarris


The Manager
Marci Collins has been crushing on her hot rockstar boss–and his equally hot bodyguard–for years. Now they’re all in New York City for Christmas, and she only has one wish. It’s just the chance she’s been waiting for… but making a move might cost her everything and everyone she loves.

The Bodyguard
It’s Ryder’s job to put his body between danger and his rockstar client, but after years on guard duty, he’s desperate to put his body on top of him… and his delicious manager. Always prepared for every situation, is he ready to take the ultimate risk to fulfill his deepest desires?

The Rockstar
World famous rock star Barney Myles needs a miracle. All he wants for Christmas are his manager and bodyguard underneath the mistletoe… but he’s hiding a secret that could ruin his chances with them for good.

Little does he realize Marci and Ryder know more than he thinks, and they have a plan to make all their holiday fantasies come true.

Tinsel & Tentacles is a 20k word fantasy romance intended exclusively for an adult audience. It contains explicit language and graphic depictions of steamy open door romance with three adults, six arms, four legs, eight tentacles, and… No partridge in a pear tree. That would have made things awkward. As always, please read responsibly and practice safe hex!

5. While You Were Creeping by Poppy Rhys

I had zero plans to spend Christmas with an alien convict, yet here I am. In possession of a misplaced interdimensional prison with no idea how to return to sender.

Worse yet, this convict has no respect for personal space. It only goes downhill from there when, in a moment of desperation, I strike a bargain with him–be my Krampus for the annual Kringle Parade.

Oh… and pretend to be my doting boyfriend for the holiday season in exchange for my help.

Does that make me a criminal too?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Warning: This story contains a non-human alien hero, mature content, graphic language, and possible triggers. But also, Grinchy-Scroogey vibes and holiday cheer! M/F romance, standalone novel

6. There’s an Alien Down My Chimney by Robin O’Connor

Santa crashed into my chimney, no wait… It’s not Santa, but a sexy alien with antlers.


I am resolved to celebrate Christmas one last time in my grandfather’s cabin before the government takes my home and my land from me. What I didn’t expect, was a visitor, barging in via my freaking chimney.

He’s big, he’s got a tail, antlers, and glowing red eyes. I should be scared, but all I want to do is climb all over him. And since he broke my fireplace… What else is there to do?

Throw some shadowy government goons in the mix who seem to be hunting for him, and my Christmas is turning into the greatest Christmas of them all. I’m just not sure I’m going to live to tell the tale.


As a salvage worker, I’ve seen some crazy things, but this latest find turns my world upside down, sending me through time and space. At first, I think I’m dead, but the rapidly approaching blue planet looks too real for that.

Forced to evacuate my ship, I end up crashing into a tiny cabin roof. When I wake up, the last thing I expect is a spicy, beautiful spitfire standing over me, trying to yank me from a chimney.

I need to get home, and with agents on my tail, my ship in their hands, and no sure way to get back… I have plenty of time for a steamy affair with the feisty human.

There’s an Alien Down My Chimney is a full-length standalone Christmas-themed steamy sci-fi romance featuring one quirky, wounded alien ex-soldier, an ex-fighter pilot with a sentimental streak, and government agents on the chase.

7. The Orc’s Christmas Romance by S.C. Principale

Welcome back to Pine Ridge, New York, a place where man and monster live in harmony… and even fall in love.

But not in Georgie’s case. The hulking green Orc chef of The Pine Loft coffee shop knows that a human woman could put up with an Orc or a workaholic chef, but not both! That is, until he meets Claire, a determined culinary student who falls in love with his food and has no idea of his true identity.

Stubborn Claire refuses to stop pursuing the man who captures her heart with his food and his deep, sonorous voice, even if he refuses to show his face. Will her heart still belong to Georgie once she learns the truth?

Indulge in a steamy tale of monster romance that will delight fans of C.M. Nascosta and The Minotaur’s Valentine.

Indulge in:
Food fun
Body positive romance
Low-angst (no third-act break up here!)
Dual First-Person POV
Happily Ever After

8. Mr. Jingle by Layla Fae

The faint jingling of bells is the only warning she’ll get when he comes.

Mr. Jingle has been trapped for millennia, his only entertainment the faces flashing outside his prison, all as indifferent as snowflakes, all as cold.
Until her.

She captivates him. Her smile is as glorious as her tears. There has never been a more beautiful face, a more radiant personality, a more mesmerizing voice. She doesn’t know he watches, so she lets him see everything. Her naked body. Her unguarded soul.

And he burns with passion. He’s been trapped forever, cold and unused to affection, but for the beautiful woman who shines like his sun, he will break the walls of his prison.

Come Christmas Eve he’ll break out and claim her. Because even if she does not know him, he knows her… And all her darkest desires.

Expect tentacles, an abyss that gazes back, and a special Christmas flavor.

9. Ozias by Alana Khan

Desperate human Selene agrees to be the Demon Prince’s “wingwoman” on his urgent quest to find a suitable mate. Neither expected sparks to ignite or love to blossom in this sizzling cosmic adventure.

Jobless and desperate, I take a demon alien’s offer to play matchmaker. I only have to spend one month helping Ozias find a mate of his own species, and then I can walk away with enough money to start over. But the moment we touch down on his planet, he transforms from an aloof attorney to a dominant male who knows exactly what he wants—me.

I’ve never stepped foot on my home planet, so I wasn’t prepared for the Shift to overtake me. My body chemistry changes and suddenly I no longer want an Infernian mate. There’s only one female who ignites my flames. It’s the little human, and by the stars above, I will have her.

This sweet and steamy holiday tale is part of the Holidate With an Alien collection, a collaboration of authors telling holiday tales with a science fiction romance twist. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and can be read in any order.

Ozias is written by USA Today Bestselling author Alana Khan. This novella promises fangs, wings, hooves and a very talented tail in this happy-ever-after fun novel mashed up with smoldering demon-loving spice. For readers 18+.

10. Alien Orc for Christmas by Ursa Dax

The huge alien orc who runs the pub on Elora Station knows what he wants for Christmas: me.


Seeing my friend Sophie find happiness on the bustling Elora Station is just the kick in the pants I need to follow my dreams. I’m finally going to open my own bakery. When a coveted rental space opens up on the festive commerce station, I jump at the chance.

I have my work cut out for me getting the bakery ready in time for Elora Station’s busiest season: Christmas. I don’t mind – I’m used to hard work.

What I’m not used to?

Having a flirtatious, grinning orc all up in my business. Literally. The absurdly-named Archibald runs the pub next to my bakery, and he spends more time in my shop than his own.

Sure, he’s attractive in a giant, muscly, boisterous sort of way. He’s also funny and kind and shockingly generous. But I need to focus. A girl’s gotta have priorities.

And those priorities absolutely do not include falling head over heels in love with an alien orc at Christmas.

11. Tinsel & Tusks by Ava Ross

I’m snowbound with a gorgeous orc businessman. Will sharing the holiday season melt his grumpy heart?

When the blizzard of the century hits my small New England town, I’m stuck spending Christmas in my tiny home with only Milo, my mischievous pup. My kitchen’s full of cookie dough in need of baking, and my holiday cheer is melting faster than the mini marshmallows in my mug of hot cocoa. Until Milo leads me on an icy slide down the driveway and straight into the arms of Vestalon—a gorgeous orc businessman who crashed his truck into a tree.

I offer him shelter from the storm, and soon, we’re snowbound together. As the fire crackles, Milo plays matchmaker, ensuring heated moments with Vestalon beneath the mistletoe and an unexpected surprise in the shower.

But when the snowflakes settle and the storm subsides, will Vestalon return to his bustling city job, or will he choose to stay in this winter wonderland with me and Milo?

Tinsel & Tusks is set in the Love At First Orc Series and told in dual point of view. Expect to be snowed in with a billionaire orc businessman who’s creative with his . . . (cough), size difference, only one bed/forced proximity, a matchmaking pup, a shy, curvy woman in need of love, fated mates in heat, and plenty of holiday fun. HEA guaranteed.

12. The Grump’s Pet by Kassandra Cross

Heading up to the mountains for Christmas should have been merry and bright…
Instead, it uncovered my darkest desires…

Caught in an avalanche while skiing, I fear the end is nigh. But when I spot the opening to a cave high in the mountainside, it seems like the perfect place to shelter.

Little do I know that living deep within is none other than a miserable Christmas monster… The Grump. He hates people just as much as he hates the holidays, but now I’ve landed on his doorstep with my festive spirit, it looks like he will have to show me a thing or two.

Could it be that this moody green monster will be the best Christmas present I’ve ever had?

13. Chained to Krampus by K.L. Wyatt

With the Christmas season fast approaching, a decades-long tradition looms closer. A tradition that is as macabre as it is longstanding. For every seventy years, the townspeople must choose who amongst them is to be sacrificed to Krampus.

At twenty-seven years old, Holly is still a virgin and determined to keep it that way. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she rejects the town’s mayor and is chosen as Krampus’s sacrifice. Expecting to die at the hands of this cruel beast, Holly is shocked to learn that her new captor has different intentions in mind. Ones that will bind them together forever and leave her round with his child. Desperate for her freedom, she finds herself chained to the horrific creature as he seeks to claim more than just her body.

Despite his monstrous nature, Holly soon learns there is more to this Krampus than meets the eye.

Kristof, the only living Krampus, has lived alone for many years. Bound by his duty to continue his kind’s lineage, he eagerly awaits the arrival of his human offering. When he meets his virgin sacrifice, she is nothing short of perfection. The only issue is that her feelings are not reciprocated. In fact, she recoils at his mere presence. When Holly tries to flee, he has no choice but to shackle her to him. Will Kristof be able to show his new mate that they are more similar than she thinks? Or will the chains that bind them only serve to drive them further apart?

14. A Very Krampus Holiday by Katee Robert

Some holiday stories are a little darker…and sexier. This is one of those.

15. Yuled by the Orcs by Finley Fenn

“He is my gift to you, this Yule’s Eve. Shall you accept him from me?”

In a world of orcs and powerful men, Lydia is a shy, widowed washerwoman, forgotten and alone — until the day the orc drops in, with a full sack of laundry on his back.

He’s tall, rangy, and utterly confounding, with his silver hair, his deep jolly laugh, and his twinkling, coal-black eyes. And when he offers to bring Lydia great joy, it’s a gift that just keeps giving, drawing her ever deeper into his wicked, wondrous charms…

At least, until he invites her to spend Yule at his cozy, candlelit cabin. And when Lydia arrives, he offers her a brand-new gift, wrapped in a pretty red bow…

Another orc.
A stranger.
For her… merriment.

And he’s the biggest, most terrifying monster she’s ever seen in her life.

Will Lydia refuse her hideous gift, and run alone into the cold winter’s night? Or can she find joy with a monster… or maybe even a home?

A hot and cozy holiday fantasy romance novella. Comes after The Governess and the Orc, but also reads as a total standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

16. How My Krynch Saved Christmas by Sandra R Neeley

One bitter, disillusioned, post-menopausal human female who’s experienced so much pain that she can’t even enjoy Christmas anymore.

One large, green, alien bounty-hunter with a no-nonsense attitude who wants nothing more than to slip onto the forbidden planet (Earth), capture his targets and get out before anyone notices he’s there.

One very irritable, grouchy cat named Satan Claws, who tolerates no one but the woman who liberated him from the shelter.

Can they somehow all manage to save each other, and maybe Christmas, too, while they’re at it?

This is a fun, quick, Christmas story of only about 25,000 words that is meant to make you smile.

This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plot, places, circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination. All are human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

17. Snowed in with a Dragon by Sara Ivy Hill

Snowed in for the weekend with her dragon stalker…

Ivy’s cute dragon neighbor offers her a ride on his motorcycle when she needs a quick getaway after a bad breakup.
Turns out, he’s maybe been respectfully stalking her for years!

Will their holiday hookup in a quaint cabin turn into something more?

This bite-size festive novella features a monster hero, a swoony fated-mates love story, and plenty of cozy Christmas steam. It’s just the right length to read while your pie is in the oven.

18. Grinch & Guile: The Duet by A.M. Kore

This Grinch & Guile duet contains two festive novellas in one collection — just in time for the holidays!

Well, the latter is true, but not the former.

Grinch & Guile: Part I
When a factory explosion rocks the wreath-lined streets of Tenebra City a mere few weeks before Christmas, you, a reporter for The Tenebra Times, are forced to work gruelingly long hours to cover the fallout. All you want to do is get back to your candy-making hobby to fully immerse yourself in the cheer of the Christmas season, and when the article is finally published, you feel so relieved that you could almost sing a Christmas carol or two.

Unfortunately, your writing isn’t up to the high standards of a certain mob boss whose gang is at the center of the allegations surrounding the hijinks. When he calls you a mere six days before your favorite holiday to demand a rewrite by Christmas Day, you get the sneaking suspicion it might take more than a few punch bowls full of eggnog to get through his twisted version of a season’s greetings.

Except there’s something about the elusive G. R. Inch that piques your interest. Nobody knows what he looks like, but the sweet tooth in you can’t resist craving the man whose pleasantly grating voice reminds you of the scrape of rock candy against your tongue…

You can’t help but feel there might be more to him than what the media depicts. Even if he is rather mean.

Grinch & Guile: Part II
Though it’s been a year since the elusive G. R. Inch has come into your life, you’re equally as stressed as you’d been 365 days ago. In a peppermint twist of events, it isn’t the grouchy mobster that’s playing Scrooge — it’s your boss.

The dour pixie isn’t happy with The Tenebra Tribune, your newspaper’s biggest rival, picking up the hottest headline of the coldest season. Yet again, you’re tasked with coming up with an article covering last year’s trial that’ll put you back in her good standings before Christmas Day. The looming deadline and hours of overtime with no progress to show quickly sour your beloved candy canes, and you officially find yourself in a Merry Crisis.

To save your job, you set your sights on the elf gang at the center of the trial, but the overprotective Mr. Inch isn’t happy about you getting too close to the fire. Still, you’re determined to prove that you’re much more than just a reporter with a sweet tooth and an eye for festive socks…

After all, you’ve learned from the best… and who said the green demon is the only one with a few tricks up his sleeve?

Grinch & Guile: The Duet contains two immersive human/monster paranormal romance novellas told in second-person POV where YOU step into the story as the main character. Each novella features a grumpy mob boss, an abundance of candy, enough spice(y scenes) for a gingerbread log, and a fluffy Happily Ever After fit for any holiday greeting card — just in time for Christmas!

Both novellas in this Duet are part of the Tenebra City Series. Originally published in December 2021, Grinch & Guile: Part I is available separately as a standalone, while Grinch & Guile: Part II takes place a year after the events of the first part. For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended to read Flame & Fraud before Grinch & Guile: Part II!

*Note: Please check the author’s website for CWs.

19. Frosted Hearts by Salem Sinclair

Can lust thaw even the iciest of hearts?

Once upon a time there was a middle-aged woman that, having been left unsatisfied by human men one too many times, decided to move to the mountains of Grimlake where monsters roamed.

Her plan, though poorly laid out, was to seduce the first creature she came across and finally live out her fantasy. Unfortunately for our heroine, she took the wrong trail down to the village and found herself lost in the winter forest.

The upside? Before she succumbed to hypothermia she was discovered by none other than the sprite of winter himself, Jack Frost.

The downside? He’s none too pleased that’s she’s wandering around his woods and he’s determined lay his wrath upon her body in ways she’ll never forget.

•This book is suitable for audiences 18+. Prepare yourself for the utilization of icicles in ways probably not recommended by a doctor. This novella also includes monstrous relations between a human and sentient creature.•

20. Zearn by Rena Marks

A mysterious alien planet offers Earth ladies as stocking stuffers. Sign. Me. Up.

Alyssa: NOT. As one of the few female Earthians who works in space, I’m not about to give up my career for marriage and babies. I scorn the idiots who created the podcast “Earth Girls Are Horny.” Unfortunately, they’ve gone viral in a whole new way, calling unwanted attention from galaxies far, far away. The planet Thropia is one secretive and unknown planet who are paying big money to have a bride shipped in a pod to drop down in time for their holiday games. And our horny Earth girls? The volunteers are a mile long, even when it’s unknown what the mysterious Thropians look like.

Just not me. No, my job is to test the pod before the actual prize is sent. I’ll earn a boatload of money for not being a bride.

Zearn: A mate is the last thing on my mind, especially one from a dismal planet who offer themselves to complete strangers as prizes. The utter arrogance is astounding, despite my unpopular opinion. But when a female lands in the danger zone of our competitive Twelve Days of Cheneca, I’m dispatched as the lead hunter to track her down and to keep her safe.

I do not expect a female who is as much a warrior as me. A female who is worthy of me. A prize who marries me in the traditional way during the celebrations of our holidays. It doesn’t matter to me that she doesn’t know how.

Only that she did it splendidly.

This book is part of the Stranded With an Alien shared world. This sci-fi holiday tail features steamy scenes on an alien world, some heartwarming holidays moments and a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger.

21. Holly’s Unjolly Christmas by Lark Green

Just because she’s snowed in with a monster doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy herself a little…or a lot…

Holly loves people. But that doesn’t mean she wants to be around any over the holidays. So, booking an isolated cabin on top of idyllic Mount Winter Bliss is exactly the escape from reality she needs. It’s just her crappy luck that the rental comes with a grumpy, sexy demon groundskeeper—and that an avalanche strands them there. Together…

Azgoran wants nothing to do with people. And since renters who are willing to traipse across dangerous terrain are in short supply, avoiding humans isn’t usually a problem. Until she shows up. Holly is far too tiny, talkative, and…adorable for him. But for some reason, knowing all that doesn’t make it any easier to keep his mind—and hands—off her…

The only thing these opposites have in common is forced proximity and a big attraction. Is that enough to get them to happily ever after? Or are they destined for the most unjolly Christmas ever?

Holly’s Unjolly Christmas is a spicy, slightly angsty, contemporary holiday romance novella featuring a reclusive hero with lumberjack vibes and a heroine who puts the sunshine in grumpy/sunshine.

Horned up for the Holidays is a series of three steamy, same-world, stand-alone novellas. Download today and escape to Winter Bliss.

22. Mistletoe for My Minotaur by Honey Phillips

Her minotaur is ready for a holiday treat!

The day before Ginger’s family left Fairhaven Falls in disgrace, she made the mistake of kissing her older brother’s best friend. It was the best – and most embarrassing – moment of her life, but she never thought she’d see the big minotaur again.

Now she desperately needs his help, but she has secrets she can’t put on those brawny shoulders.

Mayor Howard “Houston” Ironmane is used to solving problems – for everyone else. But when the deliciously sweet – and completely off-limits – woman he’s never forgotten comes to him with an outrageous proposition, he knows it’s finally time for his own chance at happiness.

All he has to do is uncover her secrets, convince her that their fake relationship could be perfectly real, and save the town’s Christmas festival!

It’s going to take more than kisses under the mistletoe and a little holiday magic to unravel this naughty knot! Welcome to Fairhaven Falls – where the holiday lights twinkle, love sparkles, and monsters know exactly how to unwrap your… heart!

Each book in the Fairhaven Falls series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy holiday tale is intended for mature readers.

23. Knotty List by Taylor Fox

I’ve always wanted the small-town Christmas dream.
Unfortunately, this Christmas, I might become a monster’s dinner.

My Christmas dream involved a small town, Christmas markets,
and maybe a handsome man who would sweep me off my feet.
But I was never very lucky.
This small town thinks I’m wicked and
After a series of attacks, they decide I’m the perfect gift to calm Krampus down.

Krampus. Yes. That Krampus.
I laughed, too. I even hoped this was all a prank.
Spoiler warning: it wasn’t.

Dressed only in my nightshirt, I’m dragged into the woods, tied up… and left for the beast.
And the beast comes.
And the beast takes me away.

This could have been the end for me.
But nothing is as it seems.

Krampus has other plans for me.
Plans that involve claiming me as his.
And the more I fight, the more he wants to punish me.

I know I shouldn’t enjoy this. I know wanting this monster is wrong.
But I can’t help the way he makes me feel.
Maybe I am as wicked as they say.
And that might just send us straight to Santa’s naughty list.

Monster Holidays is a dark RomCom series of interconnected standalones. You can read each book individually. HEA guaranteed, no OWD, no cheating. Adults only.

24. Kidnapped by the Krampus by Emily Shore

Krampus will change the way you see eggnog forever!

Is Krampus real?

That’s the question burning in my investigative journalist mind as I sneak into Krampus World to learn the truth about the eccentric CEO who always wears the monstrous holiday costume. I’m definitely making the naughty list for this.

After sharing a drink with the mysterious and quiet CEO, the last thing I expect is waking up with no clothes in the most beautiful winter castle. This horned heartthrob billionaire kidnapped me!

Despite the language barrier, I soon learn that his punishments are hot enough to melt the North Pole. And there are far worse things than being treated like a Christmas princess in a Yuletide-themed castle.

As I unwrap the layers of this hooved and horned enigma, I suspect the monster may be as real as Rudolph’s red nose! And I might be falling for him faster than Santa coming down the chimney.

Well…. Monster romance is trending after all!


Don’t show them your tongue.
Don’t growl.
Don’t urge them to check your body for some nonexistent zipper.
Don’t wag your tail.
Don’t show them how well you dance in hooves.

After a century of failures to find true love, Twyla is my last chance to break the curse before the clock runs out. I will do whatever it takes to keep my little star, my light in the darkness. It turns out this naughty girl may love my monstrous punishments and the magic of my realm.

It’s not long before Twyla tangles around my heart more than twinkle lights. But can she believe a monster is her happily ever after? Will she save me from my icy fate?

Or am I doomed to be the demon of Yuletide with a frozen heart forever?

From bestselling author Emily Shore comes a romantasy that will give you all those Hallmark feels with a sack full of spicy surprises. A Christmas kidnapping never felt so dark and enchanting—or so cozy. Get ready for a rollercoaster sleigh ride that’ll have you believing in holiday miracles and a mischievous monster you’ll be dying to get under the mistletoe!

Kidnapped by the Krampus includes spicy content recommended for mature readers. Trauma healing is also a prominent theme.
WARNING: You will never see eggnog the same way again.

25. A Mother’s Night Gift by S.J. Sanders

Mother’s Night had passed unmarked for many years for Betani and her children. Afterall, there was little to celebrate when living on the streets. This year was different. For the first time they are going to celebrate Mother’s Night and holiday cheer fills their small apartment despite the tight control of the warders who have risen to power in the poor districts. Despite her limited means, when a triad shows up on her doorstep during a snowstorm with their poisoned lead male, she can’t turn them out. Having a triad in her home makes her dream for the impossible, of just maybe having her family grow…if one of them would just make a move.

With a triad who longs for a family, and a clash of cultures where the males wait on their female’s desires, will this triad and their hoped-for human mate and offspring find their holiday wishes come true? Love and a bit of holiday magic is in their air.

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