While You Were Creeping by Poppy Rhys

While You Were Creeping by Poppy Rhys

I had zero plans to spend Christmas with an alien convict, yet here I am. In possession of a misplaced interdimensional prison with no idea how to return to sender.

Worse yet, this convict has no respect for personal space. It only goes downhill from there when, in a moment of desperation, I strike a bargain with him–be my Krampus for the annual Kringle Parade.

Oh… and pretend to be my doting boyfriend for the holiday season in exchange for my help.

Does that make me a criminal too?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Warning: This story contains a non-human alien hero, mature content, graphic language, and possible triggers. But also, Grinchy-Scroogey vibes and holiday cheer! M/F romance, standalone novel

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