Chained to Krampus by K.L. Wyatt

Chained to Krampus by K.L. Wyatt

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With the Christmas season fast approaching, a decades-long tradition looms closer. A tradition that is as macabre as it is longstanding. For every seventy years, the townspeople must choose who amongst them is to be sacrificed to Krampus.

At twenty-seven years old, Holly is still a virgin and determined to keep it that way. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she rejects the town’s mayor and is chosen as Krampus’s sacrifice. Expecting to die at the hands of this cruel beast, Holly is shocked to learn that her new captor has different intentions in mind. Ones that will bind them together forever and leave her round with his child. Desperate for her freedom, she finds herself chained to the horrific creature as he seeks to claim more than just her body.

Despite his monstrous nature, Holly soon learns there is more to this Krampus than meets the eye.

Kristof, the only living Krampus, has lived alone for many years. Bound by his duty to continue his kind’s lineage, he eagerly awaits the arrival of his human offering. When he meets his virgin sacrifice, she is nothing short of perfection. The only issue is that her feelings are not reciprocated. In fact, she recoils at his mere presence. When Holly tries to flee, he has no choice but to shackle her to him. Will Kristof be able to show his new mate that they are more similar than she thinks? Or will the chains that bind them only serve to drive them further apart?

Chained to Krampus is a 12k word standalone novella

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