Tinsel & Tentacles by Kate McDarris

Tinsel & Tentacles by Kate McDarris

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The Manager
Marci Collins has been crushing on her hot rockstar boss–and his equally hot bodyguard–for years. Now they’re all in New York City for Christmas, and she only has one wish. It’s just the chance she’s been waiting for… but making a move might cost her everything and everyone she loves.

The Bodyguard
It’s Ryder’s job to put his body between danger and his rockstar client, but after years on guard duty, he’s desperate to put his body on top of him… and his delicious manager. Always prepared for every situation, is he ready to take the ultimate risk to fulfill his deepest desires?

The Rockstar
World famous rock star Barney Myles needs a miracle. All he wants for Christmas are his manager and bodyguard underneath the mistletoe… but he’s hiding a secret that could ruin his chances with them for good.

Little does he realize Marci and Ryder know more than he thinks, and they have a plan to make all their holiday fantasies come true.

Tinsel & Tentacles is a 20k word fantasy romance intended exclusively for an adult audience.

It contains explicit language and graphic depictions of steamy open door romance with three adults, six arms, four legs, eight tentacles, and…

No partridge in a pear tree. That would have made things awkward.
As always, please read responsibly and practice safe hex!

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