There’s an Alien Down My Chimney by Robin O’Connor

There’s an Alien Down My Chimney by Robin O’Connor

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Santa crashed into my chimney, no wait… It’s not Santa, but a sexy alien with antlers.


I am resolved to celebrate Christmas one last time in my grandfather’s cabin before the government takes my home and my land from me. What I didn’t expect, was a visitor, barging in via my freaking chimney.

He’s big, he’s got a tail, antlers, and glowing red eyes. I should be scared, but all I want to do is climb all over him. And since he broke my fireplace… What else is there to do?

Throw some shadowy government goons in the mix who seem to be hunting for him, and my Christmas is turning into the greatest Christmas of them all. I’m just not sure I’m going to live to tell the tale.


As a salvage worker, I’ve seen some crazy things, but this latest find turns my world upside down, sending me through time and space. At first, I think I’m dead, but the rapidly approaching blue planet looks too real for that.

Forced to evacuate my ship, I end up crashing into a tiny cabin roof. When I wake up, the last thing I expect is a spicy, beautiful spitfire standing over me, trying to yank me from a chimney.

I need to get home, and with agents on my tail, my ship in their hands, and no sure way to get back… I have plenty of time for a steamy affair with the feisty human.

There’s an Alien Down My Chimney is a full-length standalone Christmas-themed steamy sci-fi romance featuring one quirky, wounded alien ex-soldier, an ex-fighter pilot with a sentimental streak, and government agents on the chase.

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