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Monster Romance Reads is a website for all monster romance book fans. If you like your romance heroes with horns, tails, wings, fangs, and claws, you’ve come to the right place! No human heroes admitted here!

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What is Monster Romance?

Monster romance is a subgenre of romance fiction where one or more of the main characters is a supernatural creature or a monster like a werewolf, demon, gargoyle, alien, or any other fantastical being. The most common romance subgenres that include monstrous characters are urban fantasy romance, fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and science fiction romance.

More specifically, monster romance is a subgenre of these categories where the romantic interest does not have a human appearance at all, like shapeshifters, and does not behave like a human would. So instead of a werewolf shifting back into a human form for half the book, in full monster romance, they remain their monstrous self throughout!

Monster romance books are rich with creative worldbuilding, unique character dynamics, and the exploration of themes like otherness, forbidden love, enemies to lovers, acceptance, and the power of love to transcend boundaries. The contrast with one of the main characters being a human and the other being a monster creates challenges and interesting dynamics between the characters, since they come from vastly different backgrounds.

If you like these themes in a romance novel, then you’ll probably like monster romance!

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