Knotty List by Taylor Fox

Knotty List by Taylor Fox

I’ve always wanted the small-town Christmas dream.
Unfortunately, this Christmas, I might become a monster’s dinner.

My Christmas dream involved a small town, Christmas markets,
and maybe a handsome man who would sweep me off my feet.
But I was never very lucky.
This small town thinks I’m wicked and
After a series of attacks, they decide I’m the perfect gift to calm Krampus down.

Krampus. Yes. That Krampus.
I laughed, too. I even hoped this was all a prank.
Spoiler warning: it wasn’t.

Dressed only in my nightshirt, I’m dragged into the woods, tied up… and left for the beast.
And the beast comes.
And the beast takes me away.

This could have been the end for me.
But nothing is as it seems.

Krampus has other plans for me.
Plans that involve claiming me as his.
And the more I fight, the more he wants to punish me.

I know I shouldn’t enjoy this. I know wanting this monster is wrong.
But I can’t help the way he makes me feel.
Maybe I am as wicked as they say.
And that might just send us straight to Santa’s naughty list.

Monster Holidays is a dark RomCom series of interconnected standalones. You can read each book individually. HEA guaranteed, no OWD, no cheating. Adults only.

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