Alien Orc for Christmas by Ursa Dax

The huge alien orc who runs the pub on Elora Station knows what he wants for Christmas: me.


Seeing my friend Sophie find happiness on the bustling Elora Station is just the kick in the pants I need to follow my dreams. I’m finally going to open my own bakery. When a coveted rental space opens up on the festive commerce station, I jump at the chance.

I have my work cut out for me getting the bakery ready in time for Elora Station’s busiest season: Christmas. I don’t mind – I’m used to hard work.

What I’m not used to?

Having a flirtatious, grinning orc all up in my business. Literally. The absurdly-named Archibald runs the pub next to my bakery, and he spends more time in my shop than his own.

Sure, he’s attractive in a giant, muscly, boisterous sort of way. He’s also funny and kind and shockingly generous. But I need to focus. A girl’s gotta have priorities.

And those priorities absolutely do not include falling head over heels in love with an alien orc at Christmas.

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