12 Days of Christmas Monster Romance

12 Days of Christmas Monster Romance

The holidays are upon us! ‘Tis the season for all things merry and magical, and what could be more fantastical than a monstrous holiday read?

In the spirit of the twelve days of Christmas, we present you a collection of twelve holiday-themed monster romance books. These sweet and steamy holiday books offer the perfect blend of love, adventure, and the supernatural to make your holiday season even more exciting! With sci-fi romance, fantasy romance, and paranormal romance, there’s a little something for every reader.

So, if the idea of snuggling up with a cup of cocoa and a reading about sexy monsters sounds like your ideal way to celebrate the holidays, dive into list below! Let the magic of these twelve tales sweep you off your feet and into a world where love knows no bounds, even in the most extraordinary of circumstances!

Don’t know what monster romance is? Read more about monster romance here!

1. Chimera for Christmas by Ursa Dax

You’re supposed to spend Christmas with the person you love most. But what if that person turns out to be the biggest, grumpiest alien you’ve ever met…?


When you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you and you get laid off all in the same week, something’s gotta give. I need a change, and a seasonal work contract aboard the bustling Elora Station is just the ticket. I’ll spend the holidays on the glittering, festive commerce station, make a little money, and clear my head before returning to my colony planet life. It’s a perfect plan.

One thing I’m not accounting for in that plan, though? My coworker. He’s not human. In fact, he’s one of the deadliest alien soldiers in the universe – a Chimera. Seven feet tall with black horns, heated yellow eyes, and an exceptionally grumpy disposition, I cannot for the life of me figure out why this genetically modified beast of a man is working in a tiny, human-owned coffee shop at Christmas time.

But there’s more to X than meets the eye. And the longer I work with him, the more I grow to like him. Soon enough, his taciturn nature begins to charm me. Suddenly, his looks aren’t quite so fearsome, but actually kind of… attractive?

As the holidays hurtle on and my work contract on Elora Station draws to a close, I realize that I don’t want to go back to my old life in the colony.

And I don’t want to leave X.

Can a regular human girl like me find a permanent place on Elora Station and in X’s guarded alien heart before Christmas?

2. A Wolvenk Holiday by Poppy Rhys

T’was just before Christmas, and all through the ship
Carols were playing and hot chocolate was sipped.
A fall from above left Kiona in danger,
What waited below was not from a manger.
What will she find in the land of the Wolvenk?
The adventure at hand is not what you think.

Wounded and trying to survive the bitter cold, Kiona experiences the shock of her life when a wolfy alien finds her.

Thorn doesn’t expect to sniff out an off-worlder–one unlike any he’s ever seen–but he can’t leave her to die.

It’s the cold season…
And Thorn is the least of her worries.

3. How the Monster Stole Me on Christmas Eve by Jade Price

Cindy’s neighborhood monster is happy she’s home for Christmas… with one very special package he’d like to deliver.

I finally made it home for Christmas. I love my niece, and we have a great time playing games, watching Christmas classics, and opening her presents. But it does make me worry I’ll never have a family like this of my own.

A surprise gift at the door has me drifting off to sleep, only to be jerked awake, unable to move. I’m abducted by an enormous green monster! He carries me off into the night on Christmas Eve.

When he finally unwraps me and I get a good look, I realize my kidnapper has a monstrous gift for me!

This Christmas holiday erotic novella is just over 10k words long and contains content for adults only.

4. Kissed by the Krampus by L Eveland

Some wounds, only a monster can heal.

I’ve always hated Christmas. With a name like Chris Kringle, it’s hard not to.
It’s only gotten worse since I’ve been back from the war. Christmas is supposed to be jolly, but for me, it’s a grim reminder of past failures.

I need to get away from it. To be somewhere quiet. To heal.

When I wake up in the South Pole after an accident to a Krampus tending my wounds, it feels like the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed R&R.

Yet this gentle giant is so achingly sweet, I can’t help but fall for him, even though he’s a monster.

But another, more sinister monster may be lurking much closer to home, and if we don’t hunt it down in time, this could be the last Christmas ever.

Kissed by the Krampus is a holiday MM monster romance for adults featuring a cinnamon roll monster and a veteran grappling with his PTSD.

5. Married to Krampus by Marina Simcoe

My husband has horns, hooves, fur, and a tail.
His Krampus-like appearance didn’t scare me away from marrying him. Forever an optimist, I eagerly agreed to be the first bride shipped under the new liaison program to Voran, a country on the newly discovered planet Neron. The Colonel also has two little boys—a huge plus for me since I adore children.

My down-to-earth sister says I live with my head in the clouds. And maybe I naively hoped for an out-of-this-world romance.

What I didn’t expect was an out-of-this-world brute. The scowling, growling, rough-around-the-edges Colonel proves hard to live with and impossible to love. He’s also proud and possessive and is dead set on keeping me as his wife.
Did I mention he has horns? Well, he’s also horny… And our expectations of marriage don’t exactly align.

There is something behind the scowl of this infuriating man, though, that intrigues me. Catching glimpses of his strong, fur-covered body makes my stomach flutter with excitement.

I came to Voran hoping to find my place in its culture and in the Colonel’s heart.
Could there be a way to make this thing between us work?


All books in My Holiday Tails series stand alone, loosely connected by the same world and the fact that all heroes have tails.
The books in this series can be read in any order.
Contains graphic scenes of intimacy. Intended for mature readers.

6. Grave Tidings by Salem Sinclair

You better watch out, you better not cry…

Krampus is coming to town.

It’s the night before Christmas, and Noelle is down on her luck…and the holly jolly spirit. She thinks she’s going to have yet another quiet night alone sipping spiked egg nog when a helpful stranger suddenly appears.

When she unknowingly invites the notorious Krampus into her home, Noelle’s night takes a sexy turn as he shows her exactly what happens to the girls on Santa’s naughty list.

This novella is suitable for audiences 18+. Prepare yourself for the improper use of Christmas lights, the hanging of ornaments from questionable places, and massive misuse of mistletoe.

7. Grimor the Joyless by Cara Wylde

When the orcs invaded the human dimension, no one could stop them. War raged for years, and now the monstrous beasts have agreed to peace on two conditions: one, the human scientists must rebuild the machine that brought them into this world; and two, they must be provided with fertile brides to bear them orc babies.

Faith Bell is in need of a miracle. A Christmas miracle. And not for herself, either, but for the children at the orphanage where she works. She’s an orphan herself, she’s penniless, and after a life of being in service of others, at twenty-five, she doesn’t have much going on. Not that she’d have it any other way, but the orphanage is going under. Without funding, and with less and less people willing to work for smiles and hugs, the orphanage will surely close. When humans turn their backs on their own orphans, Faith sees only one way out. She becomes an orc tribute.

Grimor the Joyless once had a different name. Back in the orc world, he inspired terror and awe. Now, in the world of humans, after so many years of meaningless peace, he can’t find his place. He’s lost his purpose. There is no word in his language to describe how he feels. There is a word in the humans’ language, but he’s forbidden his orcs from ever speaking it. His mage says he needs a bride. He’ll take one, if that means his horde will shut up about it and leave him be.

Author’s Note: This is a full, standalone novel with a happily-ever-after. The books in the Orc Mates series can be read in any order.

8. Satan by Layla Fae

It’s Christmas Eve and SATAN is here.

Yup, you read that right. And I can’t spell, so now, I need to deal with Satan, who has been getting the letters I’ve been writing to Santa for over 20 years. The sexy devil is here in all his wicked, sinful glory, standing right under the mistletoe.

Because apparently not only am I dyslexic… I am also on HIS naughty list.
You see, I’ve never been good, but there was that ONE SIN I’ve never committed. Yes, I’ve been saving my cherry for Mr. Right, and Satan is not pleased. He wants to corrupt me. Tempt me. Seduce me. He wants to make me sin repeatedly, in more ways than one. With him.

And while his rod is no candy cane, I might just give in to temptation.
Because tonight, Satan tastes like Christmas.

This holiday erotic novella is 25k word long and a standalone. It contains SUGAR COOKIES and is for adult audiences only.

9. Monster’s Naughty List by R.L. Caulder

WARNING: Do not proceed if you want a Cinderella tale with a beautiful prince charming. My tale is nothing of the sort. It’s downright despicable and dirty to many. Continue if you think that is your cup of tea. Everyone else? Go find a jewelry store and pearls to clutch.

Picture this:

It’s Christmas Eve.

There you are, drinking eggnog, minding your own business in your cozy apartment. The fireplace is lit and crackling, and the pine from your new Christmas tree is wafting through the air.

Everything is perfect.

Until your craft project turns horribly wrong, somehow creating a portal from the underworld into your apartment. Monsters that you would have feared lurking in the dark corners of your rooms at night come crawling out from the pits of Hell.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. I’d say that it was a nightmare, but really it was the day my life changed for the better.

I learned about my deepest desires, finding out I had kinks that I’d never even dared to dream about, leaving my innocence behind. Refined and shy kindergarten teacher no longer.

They brought my needs to the surface with their dirty words and touches, and now I’d never want to be on the nice list again.

Not when being naughty felt so good.

I’ll tell you what they did to me, but only if you think you can handle it.


Author note: Monster’s Naughty List is a standalone novella length paranormal romance that is intended for audiences 18+. Sexual content, swearing, and adult themes are present in this book. This book will not end in a cliffhanger.

10. Cocoa with Krampus by Nattie Rhodes

Krampus is looking for his demon Queen and his eyes are only on me.

My best friend tells me everything. She warned me I shouldn’t stay in New York for the imminent holiday season. She also said my supervisor is a jerk. What she didn’t tell me is that the evil King of Christmas is real.

When my sleazy boss tries to drug me, I escape… directly into the unnervingly warm arms of Peter Krampus.

He whisks me away to his annual Krampusnacht celebration. It’s hard to deny the reality of his black eyes and his moonlight-colored skin, but then he reveals himself in front of his followers, and that’s against the rules. He’s a fang-gnashing, chain-whipping demon in all his unholy glory.

As much as my body longs to be enveloped by his heated embrace, he’s killed for me. Despite his unnatural strength and ability to turn anything to coal, can he show me true love – and Christmas miracles – do exist?

I must make a choice, and our time together is limited. He’s banished to the South Pole for most of the year and the clock is ticking as we reach December 5th. Can I trust myself to make this decision before we’re inevitably forced apart?

11. This is Halloween by Melody Rose

Margo was just your normal Christmas elf, and sure maybe she had a bit too much Christmas cheer, but hey, if starting to decorate for Christmas in July was wrong, she didn’t want to be right.

At least, until the three lords of Halloween decide to kidnap her and bring her back to Halloweenland.

There’s Jack, the hopelessly sexy and tall King of Halloween, who’s harboring a monster inside of him.

Wraith, the dark and dangerous Boogeyman, who may not be nearly as evil as he seems.

And Sam, the Mayor of Halloweenland, whose multiple personalities only seem to make him sexier.

And Margo’s about to find out exactly what goes bump in the night, but with any luck… maybe she can spread a little Christmas cheer to these three dark beings. After all, that’s her only hope…

12. Spanked by the Krampus by Lizbet Castle

The Krampus can be so nice in oh-so naughty ways…

Konrad has spent centuries being the bad–and quite ugly–cop to his brother’s good cop. With a mouthful of fangs, a satyr’s body, and a heavy set of brutal horns on his head, how could he not be feared? But he hates every second he has to spend tormenting dreaming children.

Holly is a frost pixie who’s spent her life at the North Pole, tirelessly crunching numbers for the Naughty List. But something is wrong. Why aren’t the bad kids getting better? And why won’t Nico listen to her when she says that a new approach could change things for the better?

A spicy, sweet story about Fae working to change the world with a sprinkling of spanking, a smidge of soft maledom, and a dash of light discipline.

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