Claimed by the Alien Bodyguard by Tiffany Roberts

Claimed by the Alien Bodyguard by Tiffany Roberts

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Series: #3
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A retired alien bodyguard. A luscious human female he craves. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his by Christmas.

Gabriela Romero is a single mother struggling to make ends meet. With Christmas fast approaching, she’s lost work, she’s late on rent, and the zeroes in her bank account are on the wrong side of the decimal point. Fortunately, she has a couple bright spots in her life—her amazing daughter, Ana, and her brief interactions with her gorgeous neighbor from across the street, Mason Lee.

He’s big, strong, kind, and he’s great with Ana. Plus, he looks at Gabriela like he wants to devour her. How could a man like him be real? When he finally asks her out—and an unexpected job comes her way—it seems Gabriela’s luck is finally turning around. Until the universe decides to give her a reality check and disaster strikes.

In Gabriela’s most desperate moments, Mason rushes to the rescue. But her savior isn’t what he seems. He’s a seven-foot-tall alien with horns and glowing violet eyes. Did she run into the arms of an otherworldly demon or will this unusual being save Christmas—and claim Gabriela’s heart in the process?
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