Interview with Paranormal Romance Author C.D. Gorri

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author C.D. Gorri

Who is C.D. Gorri?

USA Today Bestselling author C.D. Gorri writes paranormal and contemporary romance, as well as, urban fantasy books with plenty of steam and humor.

An avid reader with a profound love for books and literature, she is usually found with a book in hand. C.D. lives in her home state, New Jersey, where many of her characters and stories are based. Her tales are fast-paced yet detailed with satisfying conclusions. If you enjoy powerful heroines and loyal heroes who face relatable problems in supernatural settings, journey into the Grazi Kelly Universe today.

You will find sassy, curvy heroines and sexy, love-driven heroes who find their HEAs between the pages.

Wolves, Bears, Dragons, Tigers, Witches, Vampires, and tons more Shifters and supernatural creatures dwell within her worlds. The most important thing is every mate in this universe is fated, loyal, and true lovers always get their happily-ever-afters.

Monster’s Kiss, a paranormal necromancer x draugr academy romance by C.D. Gorri, is now available!

Will a curvy necromancer succumb to a monster’s kiss?

I spent my childhood avoiding things that went bump in the night. Not an easy feat, considering I saw ghosts. Ignoring the dead was part of my daily routine.

After dozens of visits with doctors, hypnotists, and priests forced on me by my aunt and uncle, I’d learned to keep quiet. It wasn’t until I received my invitation to Blackthorn Academy that I finally felt hope.

Ever since I arrived, I’ve felt someone watching me. Glowing eyes pierced the darkness, always trailing after me, but whenever I turned to confront the owner of those eyes—poof—he was gone. Like magic.

I didn’t know my mystery stalker, but at least I wasn’t alone anymore.

Cursed with an insatiable thirst, I’ve spent decades searching for the one who can sate my desire for blood. I thought all hope was lost until she arrived at Blackthorn Academy.

The second I scented her, I knew she was mine. Now, I just have to convince her. There is only one question. Can this beauty learn to love a beast?

Monster’s Kiss is book one in the Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals shared world, featuring a curvy necromancer new to the supernatural world, and a Viking revenant suffering from an unimaginable curse!

Hello, C.D. Gorri! Thanks for agreeing to this interview!

First of all, how did you start reading and writing monster romance?

So, I guess this depends on your idea of monster romance. Where did it start? What are the origins? I mean, I have been reading Vampires, Werewolves, and Shifters for decades, but I feel like this newer trend on monster romance is a little different, right? We are talking double-peens, extra appendages, and all types of growly, fangy, scaly, furriness that leaves readers (and writers) panting for more.

I am coming up on my tenth year as a published author, and I started immediately with Paranormal Urban Fantasy. I got into Paranormal Romance a few months later, and just started penning what I would call monster romance with my book, Monster’s Kiss, Book 1 in the Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals shared world. I am so excited to be part of this awesome world, and I hope readers will find it just as fascinating as I do.

What’s your favorite thing about monster romance?

Um…how about everything? First, let me say being an author is the coolest job ever. I get to create heroes, and in this case, monster heroes that readers want to read. There are just so many possibilities with monsters!

How about a cinnamon roll with alpha hole tendencies who gets furry on full moons, has a gnarly growling habit, and loves to nibble on his mate’s goodies?

Or a green-skinned Orc who’s really a sweet guy unless you mess with his cupcakes, then he gets all growly and bitey and has to tie his mate to the bed to teach her a sensual lesson?

Now, these are fun for sure. But it gets deeper than that. With monster romance, I have a chance to explore myths and folklore than might not necessarily see the light of day in the fiction world, especially if we are talking romance.

For example, in Monster’s Kiss, my hero is the Draugr—an ancient Viking revenant with a powerful curse on his head. I was able to explore an actual Viking legend and turned it into something else with this book.

What are your favorite romance tropes?

Fated mates hands down is my favorite. I love the idea that someone is your destiny, but that doesn’t mean my heroes and heroines don’t have a choice. The Fates might pair mates together, but only love, and serious dose of lust, can keep them together. I am also a fan of beauty and the beats tropes (think Mr. Rochester type heroes), enemies to lovers, age gap, fish out of water, and wrong side of the tracks tropes, and yes, I believe romance should come with a pinch of humor whenever possible.

I just love the different ways monster romance allows me to employ all these interesting little factoids and stories I gather when researching and I sure hope my readers enjoy my interpretation of it. Sometimes the best stories are the ones we feel like we already know, and that is where tropes come in.

What books would you recommend for readers of your work?

With over 170 books published, this is always a difficult question, but don’t worry, I got lots to choose from. Anyone loving Werewolves, I have two series that follow my Macconwood Pack. I also write loads of other Shifters, including Jersey Devils, Chupacabras, Dragons, Wyverns, Dire Wolves, and Demons. Like in Claimed by the Demon, Ash, and Arachne, where my heroine is the Queen of Spiders herself.

What are you a fan of and is this reflected in your writing?

Oh gosh, well, I am a self-proclaimed info junkie. A voracious reader, I collect tidbits and goodies and store them away like a squirrel getting ready for winter whenever I am reading, watching TV, or just researching for fun. I used to joke I was like an Encyclopedia of useless info, but it comes in handy when I write.

Also, when you read me, you might notice a constant theme in all my books and that is my home state of New Jersey. I love the Garden State and have either set every story I write within its borders, or it is a backstory for one of the main characters in the book.

Born and raised in NJ, I just love being able to incorporate local myths and legends (see Marked By the Devil – a Jersey Devil romance), as well as, destinations and locations, into my works.

What does your writing process look like?

Like a dumpster fire. LOL. Seriously, my appearance is that of a pantser, but I actually plot the hell out of my books, sometimes for years. Only, I don’t plot on paper. Mostly, it is in my head or through hard to translate voice to text notes on my iPhone. So maybe I am a planster, a little bit of both.

Typically writing for me is a morning thing. I have all my best energy early morning like 5am, and I write till late afternoon in between everything else an indie has to do. But I do make sure to write every day. That is something I just have to do.

What’s your favorite type of monster and why?

Werewolf. I love them all, but there is something so virile about a Werewolf I can’t get enough.

Is there a monster you haven’t yet written about but would like to in a future book?

I have a few waiting in the wings (is that a hint—lol), but I do not want to reveal too much. I would love to do some sort of a play on a Frankenstein-like creature, but have to work out the kinks (pun intended).

How long did it take to write Monster’s Kiss?

Well, like I said, a lot of my process is cerebral. So while I had thought and plotted for months in my head, on my phone, and on the back of my hand where I sometimes take notes, but when I sat down to type, it was probably a matter of a week to get it out on the screen.

If you had to describe the book with only one sentence, what would that be?

A tortured hero with a burning hunger finds satisfaction with a curvy Witch.

What are the main themes and tropes of this book?

Monster’s Kiss has a couple of tropes like fated mates, fish out of water, secret magical world, instalove, forced proximity, loner, bad boy, forbidden love, mysterious past, secret identity to name a few.

Can you tell us more about the characters of the book?

The Draugr is this tortured hero with obsidian skin and an unmatchable thirst for blood. He’s cursed and could be the ruination of his people. Serena was barely living as a human. She sees things no one should see and was given numerous terrible diagnoses at the hands of the humans around her. She goes to Blackthorn, and her entire point of view changes.

What was the best thing about writing Monster’s Kiss?

I really loved these two characters, and seeing them come together to make each other better was deeply satisfying. When you have souls separated by whatever that finally meet, and click it is like getting the first bite of a perfectly cooked grilled cheese—all the hot gooeyness you could ever want between two perfectly made slices of heaven. LOL. Don’t mind me…it’s lunch time over here.

What can we expect from you next?

My next release in the Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals is Monster’s Heart, coming this summer. I am currently releasing at least once a month, so if you would like to know more, come visit my website and maybe sign up for my newsletter. THANK YOU so much for having me!

Thank you again for the interview, C.D. Gorri!

If this sparked your curiosity, take a look at Monster’s Kiss, the other Blackthorn Academy books, and C.D. Gorri’s other books below!

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