Trick or Treat! 10 Halloween Monster Romance Books

Trick or Treat! 10 Halloween Monster Romance Books

Trick or Treat!

The spookiest night of the year has arrived and with it, the veil that separates the realms of the living and the supernatural grows thin. Halloween is when the creatures of the night come out to play, and if you’re one of those who’d like a monster to call their own, then here’s a treat for you!

These 10 monster romance books take place on Halloween, so if you’re looking for a sweet or steamy romance featuring a monster or two, then sink your teeth into the books below! These Halloween tales promise the perfect balance of spine-tingling chills and passionate warmth under the full moon.

Just scroll down and choose your next monstrous romance hero for this All Hallow’s Eve! With sci-fi romance, fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and reverse harem romance books on the list, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t know what monster romance is? Read more about monster romance here!

1. Trick or Beast by Sarah Spade

It was just supposed to be three nights in the forest. After Halloween, I would be free… but only if I wanted to be.

Have you ever heard the legend of Jack? If your answer to that is “which one”, then you’re better prepared than I was when I first walked into the dark forests of Blackmoor.

Three nights. I just had to make it three nights and then I would be set for life.

They warn you before you take your first step past the trees that there are monsters and creatures lurking within. That they’ll eat you if you’re not careful.

I learn the first night that they’ll eat you even if you are.

Between wicked werewolves that more beast than man, and the infamous Jack of legend—all of them—welcoming me in the shadows of the dark forest, I don’t know if I’ll make it to Halloween the same woman I was when I entered the woods.

Or if, by the time the three males are done with me, I’ll even want to leave…

*Trick or Beast is the first novella (~20,000 words) in the The Beasts of Blackmoor series. It’s written for audiences 18+ and is a why choose romance. The heroine has multiple fated mates—the hero and his two werewolf guards—and she has to decide whether or not to stay with them all for this Halloween and every one that follows. Considering it has insta-love and a HEA, I think you know what that means 😉 This is also a slightly updated version of the story, and is great for reading anytime of year—even if it’s perfect for Halloween.

2. My Pumpkin by Marina Simcoe

What do a pumpkin, a cyborg, a dog, and an alien have in common?
They are all one person!

When I was ten, my mom bought me a pumpkin for Halloween. A year later, it transformed into a bizarre animal that I ended up raising as my dog.

Except that it isn’t a dog at all. My lazy, lovable pet Pumpkin turns out to be an extremely dangerous fighting machine that never should’ve been created.

Now, those who made him steal him back, taking me along by mistake. I find myself on a haunted spaceship with no crew, hurtling through space with a destination unknown.

As I learn more about the creature I’d grown to love as my childhood friend, I realize how little I knew about him before. When Pumpkin goes through yet another transformation, becoming Maxx, our feelings for each other grow far beyond friendship.

Maxx is so much more than his creators meant for him to be. But can I make the rest of the world see it when the world doesn’t want him to exist at all?


All books in My Holiday Tails series stand alone, loosely connected by the same world and the fact that all heroes have tails.
This series can be read in any order.

Contains graphic scenes of intimacy. Intended for mature readers.

3. Bad to the Bone by Salem Sinclair

Every year at harvest’s end, Samhain is celebrated in the town of Grimlake. On the night when the veil between worlds is thinnest, a powerful mage returns to the plane of the living.

With a magical core that is restored by amorous energy, the Lich spends his days in the human realm focused solely on regaining strength…by plundering his chosen maiden.

Will three days of unending, unceasing bliss be enough to restore this Lich back to his former glory?

4. Goblin Candy by S.J. Sanders

Grimsal has always enjoyed life and the numerous pleasures it brings—perhaps more so than most. But when his hunger brings him back to the human world with a particular sweet tooth to satisfy, he discovers that coming into her fertile, sexual prime has brought new appetites to assuage. He craves something delectably sweet that can only be found with the right mate. Candy is all that, and with her love of horror, her fascination with the chase, fear and desire is his perfect match in every way. With Halloween in the air, he will use all the tricks in his bag to win his mate to keep!

Candy is a woman with a passion for life, sweet indulgences, horror, and most especially when they come all packaged together in the fun of Halloween. Not to mention all dark decadence that the world has to offer. When her boyfriend dumps her right before her favorite holiday because he can’t appreciate her fascination with the spooktacular, Candy knows that this is her opportunity to really enjoy the festivities the way she wants to. She never expects to meet her perfect match in a mischievous goblin who takes it all to the next level and adores all that she brings. What can a girl do but fall in love?

Goblin Candy is a 46k Halloween novella set in the Monsterly Yours universe that is full of small spooks, graphic sex, and seasonal fun.

5. Ours for Halloween by Violet Taylor

Everyone knows that Halloween is the one night of the year when monsters, ghouls, and nightmarish creatures of all types can walk freely among us. Caution is needed. But for Evie, caution is the last thing on her mind when she follows a masked stranger into the woods after he saves her from a gruesome fate.

He’s promised to keep her safe. But beneath the mask and roguish charm lies something far more dangerous. Now deep in the forest, Evie finds herself in the clutches of not one, but three mysterious men. It doesn’t take long to discover that they’re far from human. She’s the only one who can satiate their monstrous appetites. And together, they’ll do whatever it takes to make her theirs for Halloween…

**This story is an MMFM novella that contains graphic violence and sexually explicit content, 18+**

6. Hollow by C.M. Nascosta

“If you’re telling ghost stories, you can’t leave out the Horseman.”

This spooky season, we bring you two short tales of Sleepy Hollow to heat your chilly autumn nights. Whether you’re in the modern Sleepy Hollow Polo Club locker room, or traveling by moonlight across that famous bridge, the Horseman rides, seeking some head.

Ichabod Crane & the Headless Horsemen – In which our school master is just as greedy and contemptible as he was in the original tale.

Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow’s new schoolmaster, is on the prowl. After he happens upon two members of the polo club in flagrante delicto in the club’s locker room, he can’t get the image — or the sounds — of the headless hedonists out of his mind.

This is an MMM pairing, a modern-set Sleepy Hollow, locker room erotica featuring the hapless schoolmaster and two brawny polo horsemen. Light degradation/humiliation, voyeurism, he’s just dying to be a free-use ragdoll, and lots of headless head.

Katrina Van Tassel & the Headless Horseman – Katrina Van Tassel has a terrible gift. Since infancy, she has been able to see the spirits of strangers and departed loved ones all around her, as easily as she’s able to see her neighbors. Life tethered to death, and she’s learned to ignore them all. Katrina is no stranger to the wants of ghosts and men alike, but when this schoolmistress moves to Sleepy Hollow, she finds the wants of one particular man — and one particular ghost — too much to simply ignore.

Katrina Van Tassel & the Headless Horseman is a canon-adjacent historical retelling, putting Katrina as the main character, caught between the town hero and a headless ghost. M/F pairing, light gore, undead pining, graveyard lovin’, Machiavellian scheming, and ALL the autumn vibes.

7. Orc-Us Pocus by Ava Ross

An orc science teacher is determined to give me a lesson in chemical reactions.

I’ve crushed on my fellow high school teacher, Thraal, since we first met up in the staff lounge. He’s a big, brawny orc, and when he scowls at me through his thick glasses, I pretty much ignite. Sadly, he doesn’t realize I exist.

When we’re trapped inside the janitor’s closet during a Halloween dance, I take the opportunity to show him I’m special. A few spontaneous kisses suggest he might like me too.

Until we’re rescued, and he goes back to ignoring me. Well, other than when we get stuck beneath the bleachers or when we’re locked inside the field hockey supply shed overnight.

Can I find true love with a geeky orc science teacher?

Orc-us Pocus is a spicy monster romcom and Book 1 in the Love at First Orc Series. Each book is standalone but expect cameos.

Expect size difference, plenty of spice, falling for a co-worker, an awkward, geeky, glasses-wearing orc who loves science and has a creative tongue, laugh out loud moments, fated mates in heat, and a happy ever after.

8. Watcher by R.K. Pierce

A powerful superstition plagues the townsfolk of Cold Springs. Everyone is terrified of the Watcher.

He’s a nameless, faceless demon who haunts the town at night, but despite the countless stories I’ve heard, I don’t believe them. He’s merely a myth, and I’m determined to prove it to everyone, even if it means heading into the cornfield alone on All Hallows Eve.

What I find waiting for me is unlike anything I could have imagined. A sentient scarecrow is bound to a stake, promising me my most salacious desires and begging me to set him free.

Will releasing him be the end of Cold Springs as we know it, or the end of a torturous century for a trapped soul?

This is a standalone paranormal romance novella.

9. Burn for Jack by Aiden Pierce

Don’t go near the pumpkin patch on Halloween night…

Jack Calloway is the pumpkin-headed boogeyman of Hallow Hill. As the legend goes, he was a man of wicked tastes, devilish allure, and had a knack for dark magic. He and his lover—my ancestor—were tried as witches and burned at the stake at the edge of Hallow Hill’s pumpkin patch.

Some say he made a deal with the devil to spare his lover’s soul and haunts the pumpkin patch to this day, waiting for her return.

“Don’t go near the pumpkin patch on Halloween,” they’ve always warned the women in my family. “Jack might get you.”
Too bad I don’t listen because I have to find out the hard way that ghost stories exist for a reason. And in Jack’s flames, I just might become one.

Burn for Jack is a plot-light Halloween-themed PNR novella featuring a pumpkin-headed monster with a wicked thirst for our heroine. This story includes dark themes such as bondage, violence, gore, dubious consent, bullying, and murder.

10. Hallow & Hew by A. M. Kore

Lot 666…

You couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that a former church would have a building number like that, though perhaps ‘former’ was the key word here…

A late bloomer in every sense of the word, you are a witch who discovered your affinity for magic much later than your peers. When a pen pal you meet in college urges you to chase your passion for gardening, you decide to open your own florist shop after graduating.

Though life gets in the way and your correspondence ends, you are now the proud owner of The Witching Flower. In the few years since opening your doors, you’ve received your fair share of extravagant orders from the demon and dragon elite looking to woo their loved ones with enchanted blooms. When you receive an order for a single bouquet that brings you to Lot 666, a dilapidated church on the outskirts of town, your curiosity is piqued…

And meeting the enigmatic artist within only raises more questions than answers.

Your newest client has converted the abandoned building into his art studio, and his paintings are as dark and gloomy as the shadows he chooses to shroud himself in. Even though you’ve never seen his face, the wings and horns of his silhouette soon become familiar as he slowly warms to you. The phantom hidden in the rafters seems to have the same appreciation for flowers as you do, and as autumn draws closer to winter, you wonder if something between you may be blossoming…

Just as you wonder what else those talented hands of his can do.

And why does he remind you so much of the mysterious pen pal who introduced you to the language of flowers in the first place?

Hallow & Hew is an immersive, cozy autumnal monster romance told in second-person POV where YOU step into the story as the main character. It contains a soft gargoyle artist, the language of flowers, and slow-burn steam that all culminate in a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

As the second novella in the Tenebra City Series, it can be read on its own, but is better enjoyed after reading Quiver & Quill (the first book in the Tenebra City Series), Grinch & Guile (a Tenebra City Series novella), Sin & Spell (the second book in the Tenebra City Series), and/or Flame & Fraud (the third book in the Tenebra City Series)

*Note: Please check the author’s website for CWs.

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