Frosted Hearts by Salem Sinclair

Frosted Hearts by Salem Sinclair

Can lust thaw even the iciest of hearts?

Once upon a time there was a middle-aged woman that, having been left unsatisfied by human men one too many times, decided to move to the mountains of Grimlake where monsters roamed.

Her plan, though poorly laid out, was to seduce the first creature she came across and finally live out her fantasy. Unfortunately for our heroine, she took the wrong trail down to the village and found herself lost in the winter forest.

The upside? Before she succumbed to hypothermia she was discovered by none other than the sprite of winter himself, Jack Frost.

The downside? He’s none too pleased that’s she’s wandering around his woods and he’s determined lay his wrath upon her body in ways she’ll never forget.

•This book is suitable for audiences 18+. Prepare yourself for the utilization of icicles in ways probably not recommended by a doctor. This novella also includes monstrous relations between a human and sentient creature.•

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