A Mother’s Night Gift by S.J. Sanders

A Mother’s Night Gift by S.J. Sanders

Mother’s Night had passed unmarked for many years for Betani and her children. Afterall, there was little to celebrate when living on the streets. This year was different. For the first time they are going to celebrate Mother’s Night and holiday cheer fills their small apartment despite the tight control of the warders who have risen to power in the poor districts. Despite her limited means, when a triad shows up on her doorstep during a snowstorm with their poisoned lead male, she can’t turn them out. Having a triad in her home makes her dream for the impossible, of just maybe having her family grow…if one of them would just make a move.

With a triad who longs for a family, and a clash of cultures where the males wait on their female’s desires, will this triad and their hoped-for human mate and offspring find their holiday wishes come true? Love and a bit of holiday magic is in their air.

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