Kidnapped by the Krampus by Emily Shore

Krampus will change the way you see eggnog forever!

Is Krampus real?

That’s the question burning in my investigative journalist mind as I sneak into Krampus World to learn the truth about the eccentric CEO who always wears the monstrous holiday costume. I’m definitely making the naughty list for this.

After sharing a drink with the mysterious and quiet CEO, the last thing I expect is waking up with no clothes in the most beautiful winter castle. This horned heartthrob billionaire kidnapped me!

Despite the language barrier, I soon learn that his punishments are hot enough to melt the North Pole. And there are far worse things than being treated like a Christmas princess in a Yuletide-themed castle.

As I unwrap the layers of this hooved and horned enigma, I suspect the monster may be as real as Rudolph’s red nose! And I might be falling for him faster than Santa coming down the chimney.

Well…. Monster romance is trending after all!


Don’t show them your tongue.
Don’t growl.
Don’t urge them to check your body for some nonexistent zipper.
Don’t wag your tail.
Don’t show them how well you dance in hooves.

After a century of failures to find true love, Twyla is my last chance to break the curse before the clock runs out. I will do whatever it takes to keep my little star, my light in the darkness. It turns out this naughty girl may love my monstrous punishments and the magic of my realm.

It’s not long before Twyla tangles around my heart more than twinkle lights. But can she believe a monster is her happily ever after? Will she save me from my icy fate?

Or am I doomed to be the demon of Yuletide with a frozen heart forever?

From bestselling author Emily Shore comes a romantasy that will give you all those Hallmark feels with a sack full of spicy surprises. A Christmas kidnapping never felt so dark and enchanting—or so cozy. Get ready for a rollercoaster sleigh ride that’ll have you believing in holiday miracles and a mischievous monster you’ll be dying to get under the mistletoe!

Kidnapped by the Krampus includes spicy content recommended for mature readers. Trauma healing is also a prominent theme.
WARNING: You will never see eggnog the same way again.
HARDCOVER and PAPERBACK include Decorated Edges in *Color

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