Holly’s Unjolly Christmas by Lark Green

Holly’s Unjolly Christmas by Lark Green

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Just because she’s snowed in with a monster doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy herself a little…or a lot…

Holly loves people. But that doesn’t mean she wants to be around any over the holidays. So, booking an isolated cabin on top of idyllic Mount Winter Bliss is exactly the escape from reality she needs. It’s just her crappy luck that the rental comes with a grumpy, sexy demon groundskeeper—and that an avalanche strands them there. Together…

Azgoran wants nothing to do with people. And since renters who are willing to traipse across dangerous terrain are in short supply, avoiding humans isn’t usually a problem. Until she shows up. Holly is far too tiny, talkative, and…adorable for him. But for some reason, knowing all that doesn’t make it any easier to keep his mind—and hands—off her…

The only thing these opposites have in common is forced proximity and a big attraction. Is that enough to get them to happily ever after? Or are they destined for the most unjolly Christmas ever?

Holly’s Unjolly Christmas is a spicy, slightly angsty, contemporary holiday romance novella featuring a reclusive hero with lumberjack vibes and a heroine who puts the sunshine in grumpy/sunshine.

Horned up for the Holidays is a series of three steamy, same-world, stand-alone novellas. Download today and escape to Winter Bliss.

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