Zearn by Rena Marks

Zearn by Rena Marks

A mysterious alien planet offers Earth ladies as stocking stuffers. Sign. Me. Up.

Alyssa: NOT. As one of the few female Earthians who works in space, I’m not about to give up my career for marriage and babies. I scorn the idiots who created the podcast “Earth Girls Are Horny.” Unfortunately, they’ve gone viral in a whole new way, calling unwanted attention from galaxies far, far away. The planet Thropia is one secretive and unknown planet who are paying big money to have a bride shipped in a pod to drop down in time for their holiday games. And our horny Earth girls? The volunteers are a mile long, even when it’s unknown what the mysterious Thropians look like.

Just not me. No, my job is to test the pod before the actual prize is sent. I’ll earn a boatload of money for not being a bride.

Zearn: A mate is the last thing on my mind, especially one from a dismal planet who offer themselves to complete strangers as prizes. The utter arrogance is astounding, despite my unpopular opinion. But when a female lands in the danger zone of our competitive Twelve Days of Cheneca, I’m dispatched as the lead hunter to track her down and to keep her safe.

I do not expect a female who is as much a warrior as me. A female who is worthy of me. A prize who marries me in the traditional way during the celebrations of our holidays. It doesn’t matter to me that she doesn’t know how.

Only that she did it splendidly.

This book is part of the Stranded With an Alien shared world. This sci-fi holiday tail features steamy scenes on an alien world, some heartwarming holidays moments and a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger.

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