The Gargoyle Grinch by Lilith Stone

The Gargoyle Grinch by Lilith Stone

Can her sunshine melt his frozen heart this Christmas?

Gargoyle security guard Grayson Lightfoot never celebrates Christmas. It brings back too many bad memories. Besides he’s got a job to do—watching over Motham City 24/7 from his rooftop.

Maisie doesn’t celebrate Christmas either. Orphaned at an early age, she’s a sensible human with a mission—to earn enough money to open up a drop-in centre for street kids in Motham. So naturally she jumps at a lucrative holiday contract to work as a housekeeper for Grayson.

Except Maisie hasn’t factored in what a total grinch Grayson is. And sure, he may be handsome, but when her cheery presence meets with stony silence and a granite stare, Maisie’s good nature is tested. But when Maisie suddenly gets sick and Grayson flies down from the roof to nurse her, she gets to see a very different side to the grumpy gargoyle.

As for Grayson… could Maisie be the Christmas gift he’s always secretly longed for?

Find out in this cozy Christmas monster novel, full of heart, heat, and humor: Book 2 in the Motham City Monsters series.

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