The Orc’s Christmas Romance by S.C. Principale

The Orc’s Christmas Romance by S.C. Principale

Welcome back to Pine Ridge, New York, a place where man and monster live in harmony… and even fall in love.

But not in Georgie’s case. The hulking green Orc chef of The Pine Loft coffee shop knows that a human woman could put up with an Orc or a workaholic chef, but not both! That is, until he meets Claire, a determined culinary student who falls in love with his food and has no idea of his true identity.

Stubborn Claire refuses to stop pursuing the man who captures her heart with his food and his deep, sonorous voice, even if he refuses to show his face. Will her heart still belong to Georgie once she learns the truth?

Indulge in a steamy tale of monster romance that will delight fans of C.M. Nascosta and The Minotaur’s Valentine.

Indulge in:
Food fun
Body positive romance
Low-angst (no third-act break up here!)
Dual First-Person POV
Happily Ever After

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