10 Valentine’s Day Monster Romance Books (2024 Edition)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and at Monster Romance Reads, we want to make it a special one for all monster romance readers. So, if you’re on the hunt for a monstrous Valentine’s Day read, take a look at the list of books below!

These monster romance books combine sexy monster heroes with tails, wings, and horns with the day of lovers. Taking place on Valentine’s Day or Lupercalia, the ancient Roman fertility festival, these sweet and steamy monster romance books have something for everyone!

Whether it’s aliens, minotaurs, demons, biblically accurate angels, orcs, or other monsters, these books are guaranteed to make your heart race. So dive into the exciting Valentine’s Day paranormal romance, sci-fi romance, and fantasy romance books below!

Don’t know what monster romance is? Read more about monster romance here!

1. Cupid’s Demon by Rune Hunt & Muse Hunt

He only comes once a year, and it’s not Santa.

Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is a hoax. A day for partners to finally buy their love ones that gift that they’ve been wanting all year or to finally get them flowers. Valentine’s Day has never been great for me; better single.

When my lovely best friend buys a tickets to Club Monstrum for a wild night out, I couldn’t resist, mainly because she bought me it. But then I meet him…

Cupid’s Demon…

Club Monstrum is a 20k word novella, set in the future where monsters are allowed to roam freely. This is a why-choose novella, so the female main character won’t choose between any of the three monsters. This book is a stand alone and doesn’t need to be read to read the other books in the series.

2. Precipitous Nightmare’s Valentine Dream by Brigitte Delery

Love between a Nightmare and a Dream is forbidden. Impossible. Unthinkable.
But when a pair of creatures from the dueling realms of Dream and Nightmare cross paths in a sleeper’s room late one night, love just might be inevitable.

Luminous Dream is a woman with a mission: make two mortals fall in love so she can win a place among those who craft the kind of dreams that change lives. Precipitous Nightmare is a night terror with a plan: find a Dream to fall in love with, then dump her as soon as he turns real. Neither expected to find each other.

Now this lonely Nightmare and determined Dream have to decide exactly how much they’re willing to risk to defy their warring realms and find their way home to each other.

Precipitous Nightmare’s Valentine Dream is set in a world where the realms of Nightmare and Dream are ever at war – and the denizens of these realms are expected not to mingle. This character-driven fantasy romance blends unhinged monster romance with adorable relationship goals in a magical world where the lines between dreams and nightmares could be more ephemeral than anyone expected.

Author note: This novel was initially published as a serial story on Kindle Vella. It has been updated and edited for ebook publication.

3. Valentine for My Vampire by Honey Phillips

Her vampire is heating up the kitchen!

Wendy’s first visit to a supposedly gourmet restaurant in the sleepy little town of Fairhaven Falls did not go well – especially her interaction with the arrogant and annoyingly attractive restaurant owner – and she didn’t hesitate to tell her readers all about it. She has no intention of returning, but she never could resist a challenge.

Restaurant owner and vampire? It’s an odd combination given Damian’s very specific dietary requirements, but Midnight Manor means everything to him. He’s not about to let one snippy and surprisingly succulent food critic destroy everything he’s built, even if it means using his special gifts to convince her.

As a series of mysterious mishaps continue to plague the restaurant, Damian and Wendy are forced to work together to track down the culprit. But as the tension in the kitchen heats up, so does their attraction…

Each book in the Fairhaven Falls series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy holiday tale is intended for mature readers.

4. The Minotaur’s Valentine by S.C. Principale

Milo has finally met the girl of his dreams. She’s funny, into 80’s metal, loves animals, and wants to be a vet.

And that might come in handy since he’s half-bull—a minotaur, to be exact.

But Libby is 100% human and not even aware of the monsters and magic that exist in her new town of Pine Ridge, New York. Everyone tells Milo to be patient and stay in the shadows. Libby’s smart and she’ll eventually figure out that something’s different about this innocent-looking suburb…

Libby Ingersol loves Pine Ridge, but it’s lonely being the new girl in town. As another Valentine’s Day looms, single Libby is desperate to get out and mingle. When she tries the Pine Ridge club scene, things go wildly wrong.

Can a shy minotaur who wears his heart on his hoof make things go right and salvage Libby’s Valentine’s night?

The Minotaur’s Valentine is a feel-good monster romance with a cinnamon roll hero. Just a warning… cinnamon isn’t the only spice you’ll find in this happily-ever-after tale of monster love!

5. Bleed for Cupid by Aiden Pierce

Roses are red, violets are blue. Hide your heart, little bird. Cupid’s Arrow is coming for you.

Callum is more than the CEO of Cupid Inc., the company that manufactures “love” potions and sells them to mateless supernaturals who want to take “fate” into their own hands. He’s an angel. Literally.

But even the devil came from Heaven.

So it’s just my luck that he also happens to be my boss… Until he discovers that I’m a mole for the organization protesting his company. Suddenly, I find myself as the test bunny for his most potent product yet: Cupid’s Arrow. And my mate-to-be? Callum himself.

Call it vengeance. Call it an insane marketing stunt. Call it fate. Whatever it is…

There’s no escaping Cupid Inc.’s dark angel and his terrifying brand of love.

Bleed for Cupid is a plot-light, cupid-themed PNR novella featuring a winged monster with a wicked thirst for our human heroine. This story includes dark and graphic themes that may be triggering to some. Please check the author’s note inside the book for a complete list of content and trigger warnings.

6. My Orc Valentine by K.L. Wyatt

The orcs and humans have recently formed a tentative allyship, ending the decades long feud they have been locked in. Now, the two species are trying to navigate coexisting within their new world.

On the night of Lupercalia, a festival celebrating love, Lyra is shocked to see a group of orc soldiers arrive at the human brothel she works at. However, she can’t afford to worry about the one who keeps casting curious looks her way. Lyra is freshly eighteen and in the spirit of the holiday her mistress has decided she would make the ultimate prize by auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. She is shocked when the male she caught staring at her earlier seems the most intent on winning her. The young orc soldier named Zhor soon out bids the others; his eyes promising a night of passion that Lyra won’t ever forget.

As apprehension gives way to unbridled passion, Lyra grapples with the fact that the feelings growing between her and Zhor can only last the night. Even if she finds herself wishing Lupercalia never ends.

7. From Vangar, With Love by Julie K. Cohen

Her letters are filled with love… but they’re for the male I’m pretending to be.For two years I’ve been writing to a human female… and falling for her.

She’s sweet and strong, but she doesn’t know the real me.
Or what I’ve done.

And she just arrived on my planet.
To marry the man I’ve been pretending to be.

Mine to Love!
From Vangar, With Love is a steamy alien romance novella with a sweet hero, a secret identity, and a human woman who’s desperate to leave Earth. Their meet-cute isn’t what you’d expect, but they are clearly fated for one another. This short story is laden with discovery, love, and temptation. Expect twists and turns and a very Happy Ever After.

💚One Bed
💚Secret Identity
💚Naughty Tail
💚Cinnamon Roll Hero
💚’Fish’ out of Water
💚Improbable Meet-Cute

This is a 35k word novella set in the Zyanthan Universe but is not a part of either the Zyanthan Warriors or Alien Marshals & Mates series. This sweet and steamy Valentine’s Day tale is part of the Alien Love Letters collection, a collaboration of five science fiction romance authors. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After and can be read in any order.
Tracy Lauren—From Zarpathia, With Love
Rena Marks—From Zestria, With Love
Julie K Cohen—From Vangar, With Love
Sandra R Neeley—From Earth, With Love
Susan Trombley—From Thok, With Love

8. A Heart For Valentine’s Day by Lexi Esme

A woman’s desperate deal with a demon leads her down a dangerous path of illicit desires and deadly consequences.


When I’m told that my sister’s terminal heart condition has left her with only a few short weeks left to live, I’m willing to do anything to save her – even if it means making a deal with a demon. Aviel is powerful and beguiling, with a magnetism that simultaneously frightens and compels me. His offer is simple – he would grant my sister the procedure that would save her life, but I would owe a debt, one that could cost me far more than I ever imagined – my freedom, my future, and my soul.

More and more, Aviel becomes an ever-present force in my life, winding his way into my heart and mind – no matter how much I resist. I can’t seem to stay away from him, and his presence in my life has become almost comforting. But, as my world slowly unravels, I recognize that Aviel may not be the hero he appears to be. There’s something about him, something that suggests he’s not just in this for the business. And now, as I find myself sinking deeper into his grasp, I’m starting to wonder whether I made a mistake. I fear that my deal with the devil will have far-reaching consequences beyond what I could have ever imagined.


Humans are so predictable. They’ll do anything for their own selfish ends, even if it means making a deal with a demon like me. Adora is no exception. She’s willing to risk everything for her dying sister, and I’m more than happy to take advantage of her desperation. But there’s something different about her, something that I can’t resist – her devotion, her fire, her ability to challenge me, and now she’s starting to get under my skin. But our connection runs deeper, and her fiery spirit sets off an indescribable craving within me. I can’t get her out of my head, and I don’t want to.

I can feel myself getting too attached, too involved. And that’s a problem. I can’t afford to let my impulses interfere with business. Adora is just a means to an end – a way to satisfy my own desires. But as the stakes get higher, I find myself questioning whether Adora is really just a pawn in my game. The line between fascination and obsession is growing thin, and I’m teetering dangerously close to the edge. I can feel my grip on the situation slipping, and I know I won’t be able to let her go.

Trigger warnings: dark themes, terminal illness, dubcon, manipulation, death,

This is a stand-alone and is intended for Adult audiences, Within this book, you’ll find a steamy, complicated paranormal romance story, with an inkling of darkness with a guaranteed HEA. But, during this season of love, let’s not forget that love, even if forbidden, can sometimes be the most powerful force of all.Add this book to cart and grab your copy today!

9. A Vexing Valentine by T. B. Wiese

Every day the monsters come through The Divide. For exactly six hours they have free rein before they’re pulled back to their realm. For six hours every day, it’s hell on earth.

So make sure the correct symbols are carved deep into your threshold and every windowsill. Make sure you recharge them with a few drops of your blood at least once a month to keep the monsters out.

And whatever you do, don’t go outside past curfew.

I used to hunt the monsters that hunt us … that is until I lost everything. I hate the monsters. I hate the loneliness and heartache I live with every single day. But now there’s a monster made of starlight that is stalking me, watching me every night, protecting me. Why? I don’t need or want its help.
And why do I feel so drawn to it?

I’ve never been fond of the dull human realm. I prefer the realm of monsters where there is magic everywhere for the taking … if you’re strong enough. But ever since the night I scented him, I can’t stay away. I’m drawn to the human every night. I watch. I yearn for the impossible. I protect.
Because the large male with the piercing blue eyes is mine.

10. The Lupercalia by S.J. Sanders

Lucy has never been more alone in the world. Even after the ravening, she had at least had Robert. Settling in Galventry was supposed to be the start of a new life for them. No one had told her that her new life would one alone while Robert ditched her just days before the town’s Love Fest to hook up with the daughter of one of the preeminent families and at very least a decade younger. Broken hearted and largely rejected by the townspeople, destiny has left Lucy abandoned and alone, and in one rebellious act, at the mercy of a fearsome creature who, despite his monstrous appearance, tempts her like no other.

Destined to mate year after year during the full moon of the Lupercalia without hope of a family or love until he finds the female he can mate-tie, Gral has ventured into the human world for his hunt once more. With his lash he will prepare her and with his strength he prays to make one female his forever. He is a monster, one of the terrifying creatures that have begun to overrun the world since the Ravening, and yet he will teach his would-be mate the temptation and the pleasure of surrender to be had from the one being who just may be far less monstrous than he seems.

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