A Vexing Valentine by T. B. Wiese

Every day the monsters come through The Divide. For exactly six hours they have free rein before they’re pulled back to their realm. For six hours every day, it’s hell on earth.

So make sure the correct symbols are carved deep into your threshold and every windowsill. Make sure you recharge them with a few drops of your blood at least once a month to keep the monsters out.

And whatever you do, don’t go outside past curfew.

I used to hunt the monsters that hunt us … that is until I lost everything. I hate the monsters. I hate the loneliness and heartache I live with every single day. But now there’s a monster made of starlight that is stalking me, watching me every night, protecting me. Why? I don’t need or want its help.

And why do I feel so drawn to it?

I’ve never been fond of the dull human realm. I prefer the realm of monsters where there is magic everywhere for the taking … if you’re strong enough. But ever since the night I scented him, I can’t stay away. I’m drawn to the human every night. I watch. I yearn for the impossible. I protect.

Because the large male with the piercing blue eyes is mine.

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