Character Interview with Dravarr from Bound to the Orc Warlord by Krista Luna

Character Interview with Dravarr from Bound to the Orc Warlord by Krista Luna

Bound to the Orc Warlord, a fantasy romance by Krista Luna, is now available!

One wish changes my life forever. Now I’ve got an extra-grumpy “married at first sight” orc husband.

Getting caught blowing the whistle on a mob boss isn’t the worst part of my day. No, that would be getting sucked through a portal to Faerie. Or finding out I’m a witch who can fly… very, very badly. Or fighting off a soul-sucking fae who wants to drain me dry.

Or getting stuck in a tree, flashing an orc my hot-pink panties.

Actually, that last one might not be so bad. Dravarr’s scowls highlight his smoldering eyes and sharp cheekbones, and his touch makes me swoon. Especially since he has to hold me all day and night to keep me from floating away.

But the soul-sucking fae come back. And a meddling goddess plays matchmaker and marries me to the grumpy orc warrior! I don’t want to be Dravarr’s wife of duty. How can I become the bride of his heart?

Bound to the Orc Warlord is a steamy fantasy monster romance featuring a grumpy orc warrior who falls hard and a sunshiny heroine ready to soar. Welcome to the Moon Blade Clan, where heart-melting romance, toe-curling steam, magic, and adventure combine into stories you’ll devour.

Now, it’s time to meet Dravarr, the hero of Bound to the Orc Warlord!

Where do you live?

In Moon Blade Village with my orc clan. Magical woodworkers craft our cottages out of the interior of living heart wood trees. We use magic instead of technology and share our world with many other magical creatures. The village is a vibrant community, and orcs love to gather in the village pub in the evenings for drinking and brawling.

Who else is in your life?

My mother, who was clan warlord before me and still loves a good fight. My brother, who’s the outgoing one, as annoying as that may be. And my clan mates, who are fierce warriors, even if rowdy. I also have a faithful talking unicorn friend, Midnight, who travels and battles at my side.

How old are you?

I’m twenty-six, a warrior in his prime.

How would you describe your looks?

Orcs are seven-feet tall and far more muscular than our cousins, the elves. My skin is a rich green, my hair is long and black, and I have tusks and pointed ears.

I also completed both warrior training and lessons in how to please a woman. Therefore, I earned a full set of piercings—a complete Jacob’s Ladder plus a magical stud that pleases my bride’s most sensitive spot in the way she likes best.

Wait, explain this stud more… for science.

We don’t have science. We have magic, which is far superior.

A stud is a metal piercing imbued with magic that’s mounted right above my manhood. Its form varies depending on what the woman prefers. It can be a little tongue, a vibrating tentacle, a sucking tentacle—any of these things. My bride prefers that last one.

Describe your new human bride:

Ashley’s beautiful and plump with hair the color of a wildfire. She laughs and loves easily and sees a world filled with joy. She’s brought her happiness into my life.

She’s also a human witch, gifted with the power of flight, though she doesn’t know how to do so very well at first.

How did you meet?

As I mentioned, my bride doesn’t understand her powers when she first gets them. So she gets stuck in the top of a tree, and I have to climb up to save her.

Ashley wears a dress, and the skirt hikes up around her waist, so all I can see from below are her deliciously plump thighs and this damnable scrap of bright-pink fabric. [growls] How dare it hide her from me? Yet no matter how much I glare at it, it remains, covering her sex and hiding that which I most wish to see most.

She flashes me a few more times while she’s learning her powers. These so-called “panties” and I are going to have a reckoning.

And I’m going to win.

You sound a little obsessed with these pink panties…

[growls louder and shoves away from table] I have somewhere to be.

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