Precipitous Nightmare’s Valentine Dream by Brigitte Delery

Precipitous Nightmare’s Valentine Dream by Brigitte Delery

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Love between a Nightmare and a Dream is forbidden. Impossible. Unthinkable.

But when a pair of creatures from the dueling realms of Dream and Nightmare cross paths in a sleeper’s room late one night, love just might be inevitable.

Luminous Dream is a woman with a mission: make two mortals fall in love so she can win a place among those who craft the kind of dreams that change lives. Precipitous Nightmare is a night terror with a plan: find a Dream to fall in love with, then dump her as soon as he turns real. Neither expected to find each other.

Now this lonely Nightmare and determined Dream have to decide exactly how much they’re willing to risk to defy their warring realms and find their way home to each other.

Precipitous Nightmare’s Valentine Dream is set in a world where the realms of Nightmare and Dream are ever at war – and the denizens of these realms are expected not to mingle. This character-driven fantasy romance blends unhinged monster romance with adorable relationship goals in a magical world where the lines between dreams and nightmares could be more ephemeral than anyone expected.

Author note: This novel was initially published as a serial story on Kindle Vella. It has been updated and edited for ebook publication.

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