My Orc Valentine by K.L. Wyatt

My Orc Valentine by K.L. Wyatt

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The orcs and humans have recently formed a tentative allyship, ending the decades long feud they have been locked in. Now, the two species are trying to navigate coexisting within their new world.

On the night of Lupercalia, a festival celebrating love, Lyra is shocked to see a group of orc soldiers arrive at the human brothel she works at. However, she can’t afford to worry about the one who keeps casting curious looks her way. Lyra is freshly eighteen and in the spirit of the holiday her mistress has decided she would make the ultimate prize by auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. She is shocked when the male she caught staring at her earlier seems the most intent on winning her. The young orc soldier named Zhor soon out bids the others; his eyes promising a night of passion that Lyra won’t ever forget.

As apprehension gives way to unbridled passion, Lyra grapples with the fact that the feelings growing between her and Zhor can only last the night. Even if she finds herself wishing Lupercalia never ends.

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