Bleed for Cupid by Aiden Pierce

Roses are red, violets are blue. Hide your heart, little bird. Cupid’s Arrow is coming for you.

Callum is more than the CEO of Cupid Inc., the company that manufactures “love” potions and sells them to mateless supernaturals who want to take “fate” into their own hands. He’s an angel. Literally.

But even the devil came from Heaven.

So it’s just my luck that he also happens to be my boss… Until he discovers that I’m a mole for the organization protesting his company. Suddenly, I find myself as the test bunny for his most potent product yet: Cupid’s Arrow. And my mate-to-be? Callum himself.

Call it vengeance. Call it an insane marketing stunt. Call it fate. Whatever it is…

There’s no escaping Cupid Inc.’s dark angel and his terrifying brand of love.

Bleed for Cupid is a plot-light, cupid-themed PNR novella featuring a winged monster with a wicked thirst for our human heroine. This story includes dark and graphic themes that may be triggering to some. Please check the author’s note inside the book for a complete list of content and trigger warnings.

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