The Minotaur’s Valentine by S.C. Principale

The Minotaur’s Valentine by S.C. Principale

Milo has finally met the girl of his dreams. She’s funny, into 80’s metal, loves animals, and wants to be a vet.

And that might come in handy since he’s half-bull—a minotaur, to be exact.

But Libby is 100% human and not even aware of the monsters and magic that exist in her new town of Pine Ridge, New York. Everyone tells Milo to be patient and stay in the shadows. Libby’s smart and she’ll eventually figure out that something’s different about this innocent-looking suburb…

Libby Ingersol loves Pine Ridge, but it’s lonely being the new girl in town. As another Valentine’s Day looms, single Libby is desperate to get out and mingle. When she tries the Pine Ridge club scene, things go wildly wrong.

Can a shy minotaur who wears his heart on his hoof make things go right and salvage Libby’s Valentine’s night?

The Minotaur’s Valentine is a feel-good monster romance with a cinnamon roll hero. Just a warning… cinnamon isn’t the only spice you’ll find in this happily-ever-after tale of monster love!

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