The Lupercalia by S.J. Sanders

The Lupercalia by S.J. Sanders

Lucy has never been more alone in the world. Even after the ravening, she had at least had Robert. Settling in Galventry was supposed to be the start of a new life for them. No one had told her that her new life would one alone while Robert ditched her just days before the town’s Love Fest to hook up with the daughter of one of the preeminent families and at very least a decade younger. Broken hearted and largely rejected by the townspeople, destiny has left Lucy abandoned and alone, and in one rebellious act, at the mercy of a fearsome creature who, despite his monstrous appearance, tempts her like no other.

Destined to mate year after year during the full moon of the Lupercalia without hope of a family or love until he finds the female he can mate-tie, Gral has ventured into the human world for his hunt once more. With his lash he will prepare her and with his strength he prays to make one female his forever. He is a monster, one of the terrifying creatures that have begun to overrun the world since the Ravening, and yet he will teach his would-be mate the temptation and the pleasure of surrender to be had from the one being who just may be far less monstrous than he seems.

Dangerous Monsters Series:

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