Cupid’s Demon by Rune Hunt & Muse Hunt

Cupid’s Demon by Rune Hunt & Muse Hunt

He only comes once a year, and it’s not Santa.

Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is a hoax. A day for partners to finally buy their love ones that gift that they’ve been wanting all year or to finally get them flowers. Valentine’s Day has never been great for me; better single.

When my lovely best friend buys a tickets to Club Monstrum for a wild night out, I couldn’t resist, mainly because she bought me it. But then I meet him…

Cupid’s Demon…

Club Monstrum is a 20k word novella, set in the future where monsters are allowed to roam freely. This is a why-choose novella, so the female main character won’t choose between any of the three monsters. This book is a stand alone and doesn’t need to be read to read the other books in the series.

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