Orc-us Pocus by Ava Ross

Orc-us Pocus by Ava Ross

An orc science teacher is determined to give me a lesson in chemical reactions.

I’ve crushed on my fellow high school teacher, Thraal, since we first met up in the staff lounge. He’s a big, brawny orc, and when he scowls at me through his thick glasses, I pretty much ignite. Sadly, he doesn’t realize I exist.

When we’re trapped inside the janitor’s closet during a Halloween dance, I take the opportunity to show him I’m special. A few spontaneous kisses suggest he might like me too.

Until we’re rescued, and he goes back to ignoring me. Well, other than when we get stuck beneath the bleachers or when we’re locked inside the field hockey supply shed overnight.

Can I find true love with a geeky orc science teacher?

Orc-us Pocus is a spicy monster romcom and Book 1 in the Love at First Orc Series. Each book is standalone but expect cameos.

Expect size difference, plenty of spice, falling for a co-worker, an awkward, geeky, glasses-wearing orc who loves science and has a creative tongue, laugh out loud moments, fated mates in heat, and a happy ever after.

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