Hollow by C.M. Nascosta

“If you’re telling ghost stories, you can’t leave out the Horseman.”

This spooky season, we bring you two short tales of Sleepy Hollow to heat your chilly autumn nights. Whether you’re in the modern Sleepy Hollow Polo Club locker room, or traveling by moonlight across that famous bridge, the Horseman rides, seeking some head.

Ichabod Crane & the Headless Horsemen – In which our school master is just as greedy and contemptible as he was in the original tale.

Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow’s new schoolmaster, is on the prowl. After he happens upon two members of the polo club in flagrante delicto in the club’s locker room, he can’t get the image — or the sounds — of the headless hedonists out of his mind.

This is an MMM pairing, a modern-set Sleepy Hollow, locker room erotica featuring the hapless schoolmaster and two brawny polo horsemen. Light degradation/humiliation, voyeurism, he’s just dying to be a free-use ragdoll, and lots of headless head.

Katrina Van Tassel & the Headless Horseman – Katrina Van Tassel has a terrible gift. Since infancy, she has been able to see the spirits of strangers and departed loved ones all around her, as easily as she’s able to see her neighbors. Life tethered to death, and she’s learned to ignore them all. Katrina is no stranger to the wants of ghosts and men alike, but when this schoolmistress moves to Sleepy Hollow, she finds the wants of one particular man — and one particular ghost — too much to simply ignore.

Katrina Van Tassel & the Headless Horseman is a canon-adjacent historical retelling, putting Katrina as the main character, caught between the town hero and a headless ghost. M/F pairing, light gore, undead pining, graveyard lovin’, Machiavellian scheming, and ALL the autumn vibes.

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