Hallow & Hew by A. M. Kore

Hallow & Hew by A. M. Kore

Lot 666…

You couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that a former church would have a building number like that, though perhaps ‘former’ was the key word here…

A late bloomer in every sense of the word, you are a witch who discovered your affinity for magic much later than your peers. When a pen pal you meet in college urges you to chase your passion for gardening, you decide to open your own florist shop after graduating.

Though life gets in the way and your correspondence ends, you are now the proud owner of The Witching Flower. In the few years since opening your doors, you’ve received your fair share of extravagant orders from the demon and dragon elite looking to woo their loved ones with enchanted blooms. When you receive an order for a single bouquet that brings you to Lot 666, a dilapidated church on the outskirts of town, your curiosity is piqued…

And meeting the enigmatic artist within only raises more questions than answers.

Your newest client has converted the abandoned building into his art studio, and his paintings are as dark and gloomy as the shadows he chooses to shroud himself in. Even though you’ve never seen his face, the wings and horns of his silhouette soon become familiar as he slowly warms to you. The phantom hidden in the rafters seems to have the same appreciation for flowers as you do, and as autumn draws closer to winter, you wonder if something between you may be blossoming…

Just as you wonder what else those talented hands of his can do.

And why does he remind you so much of the mysterious pen pal who introduced you to the language of flowers in the first place?

Hallow & Hew is an immersive, cozy autumnal monster romance told in second-person POV where YOU step into the story as the main character. It contains a soft gargoyle artist, the language of flowers, and slow-burn steam that all culminate in a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

As the second novella in the Tenebra City Series, it can be read on its own, but is better enjoyed after reading Quiver & Quill (the first book in the Tenebra City Series), Grinch & Guile (a Tenebra City Series novella), Sin & Spell (the second book in the Tenebra City Series), and/or Flame & Fraud (the third book in the Tenebra City Series)

*Note: Please check the author’s website for CWs.

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