Goblin Candy by S.J. Sanders

Goblin Candy by S.J. Sanders

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Grimsal has always enjoyed life and the numerous pleasures it brings—perhaps more so than most. But when his hunger brings him back to the human world with a particular sweet tooth to satisfy, he discovers that coming into her fertile, sexual prime has brought new appetites to assuage. He craves something delectably sweet that can only be found with the right mate. Candy is all that, and with her love of horror, her fascination with the chase, fear and desire is his perfect match in every way. With Halloween in the air, he will use all the tricks in his bag to win his mate to keep!

Candy is a woman with a passion for life, sweet indulgences, horror, and most especially when they come all packaged together in the fun of Halloween. Not to mention all dark decadence that the world has to offer. When her boyfriend dumps her right before her favorite holiday because he can’t appreciate her fascination with the spooktacular, Candy knows that this is her opportunity to really enjoy the festivities the way she wants to. She never expects to meet her perfect match in a mischievous goblin who takes it all to the next level and adores all that she brings. What can a girl do but fall in love?

Goblin Candy is a 46k Halloween novella set in the Monsterly Yours universe that is full of small spooks, graphic sex, and seasonal fun.

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