Trick or Beast by Sarah Spade

Trick or Beast by Sarah Spade

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It was just supposed to be three nights in the forest. After Halloween, I would be free… but only if I wanted to be.

Have you ever heard the legend of Jack? If your answer to that is “which one”, then you’re better prepared than I was when I first walked into the dark forests of Blackmoor.

Three nights. I just had to make it three nights and then I would be set for life.

They warn you before you take your first step past the trees that there are monsters and creatures lurking within. That they’ll eat you if you’re not careful.

I learn the first night that they’ll eat you even if you are.

Between wicked werewolves that more beast than man, and the infamous Jack of legend—all of them—welcoming me in the shadows of the dark forest, I don’t know if I’ll make it to Halloween the same woman I was when I entered the woods.

Or if, by the time the three males are done with me, I’ll even want to leave…

*Trick or Beast is the first novella (~20,000 words) in the The Beasts of Blackmoor series. It’s written for audiences 18+ and is a why choose romance. The heroine has multiple fated mates—the hero and his two werewolf guards—and she has to decide whether or not to stay with them all for this Halloween and every one that follows. Considering it has insta-love and a HEA, I think you know what that means 😉 This is also a slightly updated version of the story, and is great for reading anytime of year—even if it’s perfect for Halloween.

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