Ours for Halloween by Violet Taylor

Ours for Halloween by Violet Taylor

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Everyone knows that Halloween is the one night of the year when monsters, ghouls, and nightmarish creatures of all types can walk freely among us. Caution is needed. But for Evie, caution is the last thing on her mind when she follows a masked stranger into the woods after he saves her from a gruesome fate.

He’s promised to keep her safe. But beneath the mask and roguish charm lies something far more dangerous. Now deep in the forest, Evie finds herself in the clutches of not one, but three mysterious men. It doesn’t take long to discover that they’re far from human. She’s the only one who can satiate their monstrous appetites. And together, they’ll do whatever it takes to make her theirs for Halloween…

**This story is an MMFM novella that contains graphic violence and sexually explicit content, 18+**

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