Falling for the Orc by Jenn Howlett

Falling for the Orc by Jenn Howlett

He’s there to revamp her struggling business. She’s there to help him believe in love again. Together, they just might build something spectacular.

Brierley Mirren’s business is barely making ends meet. When she gets the devastating news that her building has been sold and rent is increasing, she knows that there is no way she’ll be able to afford the new rates. In desperation to continue doing what she loves, she accepts an opportune proposal.

Breht Merloft wants out of the high-profile corporate life that is his inheritance. In a last-ditch attempt to spark some passion back into his life, he makes a deal with his Matriarch and CEO, to overhaul and update a struggling bespoke jewellery store that his Mother’s company would like to evict in order to bring in higher-paying renters.

Old acquaintances from high school, Brierley and Breht never had a chance to make a romantic connection. Through their cooperative project, they find their attractions still linger and with such close contact, they find that their feelings are impossible to ignore.

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