The Archdemon in Auditing by Ella Beck

The Archdemon in Auditing by Ella Beck

Landing a job in the Underworld? Check. Having a boss who’s a smokin’ hot archdemon with a major attitude problem? Double check.

Meet Bax Daemonus, Chief Soul Auditor and professional corner-cutter for centuries. My mission? Whip his corrupt department into shape. His mission? Resist my reform plans, all while flashing those smoldering eyes that tempt me in ways no mortal should even think about.

I signed up for policy changes, not illicit trysts with the master of sin himself. But every glance he sends my way has me questioning if those employee conduct guidelines are really more like…suggestions.

A fling with a demon like Bax could have hellish consequences, literally.
Can I risk eternity for a chance at supernatural love?


The Archdemon in Auditing is Book 1 in the Monsters in Management series, where office politics get a lot more personal.

  • A mortal heroine with a pure heart
  • A sinfully seductive demon boss with an ego to match his horns and a forked tongue that can do more than verbally whip her in shape
  • Enemies-to-lovers tension simmering into forbidden passion
  • Size difference
  • Steamy supernatural romance heating up the office
  • And a high-stakes romance that really gives ‘eternal commitment’ a new meaning
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