Of Roses and Rituals by S. L. Prater

Of Roses and Rituals by S. L. Prater

“Before the summer ends, I’m going to ask you to marry me,” the beast growled. “And you won’t say no …”

Fiona is ready to spend her holiday having fun, but her father has other plans. Worried that his witch daughter has become too reckless after suffering a loss, he bargains her off to serve as assistant to Dr. Elias Van Doorn.

Cursed by a demon to take on the form of a beast, the famous doctor works in seclusion. Fiona should be frightened by his horns and his size. She shouldn’t find his aggravation so delightful or the swish of his tail so captivating or his arrogant mouth so alluring. An irresistible bond begins to form between them, but as she surrenders to her primal desire, she resists giving up her heart. Grief, it seems, is the greater curse.

In just one summer can the clever beast tame this beauty and claim his fated mate?

Of Roses and Rituals is a Gaslamp romance that shares a universe with previous books, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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