Cleo’s All Tied Up by Loretta Kendall

Cleo’s All Tied Up by Loretta Kendall

It’s a Hollywood glam meets a monster rockabilly tale of danger and sizzling romance.

Cleo is a mummy gal holding secrets as tight as her bandages. The glamorous actress and pin-up sensation takes center stage on a mission to evade an arranged marriage to none other than Frank N. Stein, organized by her evil pharaoh father. When Frank’s mean green ex-bride Gigi becomes Cleo’s new gal pal, they will become a ride-or-die team in a high-stakes quest to save Horror Earth, backed by a motley crew of ghoulish pals, and the billionaire bachelor who started it all.

Love is conjuring up something special to reverse the curse from the Book of the Dead before time runs out. When Cleo plans a daring escape from Egypt with her magic shrouds, she will bump into the one and only Victor Frankenstein VI. When he finds his own creation is out to destroy his last chance at love, the playboy mad scientist vows to protect his mummy darling at all costs and disassemble some of Frank’s bolts, unleashing graveyard chaos. On the road to redemption, and Cleo by his side, he’ll make the ultimate sacrifice for love when Death comes calling.

Warning: Reading this book may cause moments of maniacal laughter and an insatiable hankering for shrimp.

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