Knot Today Satan by Calliope Stewart

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An angel-costumed Omega, an accidental summoning, and one lonely devil.

Art student Eden Evans is your average college-going omega. When she’s not in class, she’s either painting or waiting for her alpha crush to finally notice her.

That is, until the annual Kappa Sigma Psi Halloween party arrives to shake things up. It’s the place to be on October 31st, and Eden’s art skills just landed her a coveted invite.

Now all she needs to do is help decorate for the party. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong.

When Eden’s decorating attempts summon a whole lot more than spooky vibes, her Halloween night quickly goes from fun to downright sinful. Read at your own risk…and Happy Halloween!

This is an MF omegaverse tale that features a plus-sized FMC and, well, Satan. This is definitely a walk on the wild side and will not be as fluffy as Calliope’s prior OV series. Please read the list of triggers carefully before reading.

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