The Troll Bride by S.J. Sanders

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Series: #2
Genre: ,
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Cavek, youngest son of the Troll King of the Middling Kingdom, never thought he would fall in love with a human, but when he sees Kate, he knows that she is his fated bloodbonded mate. They have one perfect night and he promises to return for her, but when he is delayed for a year in returning for her, he does not know how welcoming she will be. Amid war brewing with the werewolves, he has a mate to woo and an infant son to claim. How hard can it be?

When her best friend Sammi came home with an orc husband, Kate didn’t know what to think. As an avid reader of all things pertaining to folklore and high fantasy she didn’t imagine anything dealing with orcs and trolls to be good news; yet, she was surprised to find that they were nothing like she’d ever been led to believe—especially not a sinfully sexy troll named Cavek. One night of passion is all they had before he returned to his world with whispered promises to return. When she discovers she is pregnant she adjusts her life to the expectation of having to raise a troll baby on her own. A year later she wakes up in a strange world and a troll determined to be her forever one and only. He says they are fated to be together, and now they have a son to raise, but time will only tell if love will find a way.

Warning: this story contains graphic violence and sex, adult situations, and implied rape offstage.

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