Claimed by the Bogeyman by Lisa Freed

Claimed by the Bogeyman by Lisa Freed

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Monster, soul catcher, thief of the night. When the bogeyman comes, he’s there to take your life.


When electric blue eyes stare into mine, I think it’s all a fever dream. Until he returns the next night and the night after. Can a guardian angel have black claws and wickedly sharp white fangs? He’s the bogeyman here to claim my dying breath. Will he accept my heart as well?

The Bogeyman

Was I ever a mortal man? Perhaps. All I know now is the darkness and the command which pulls me into the mortal plane. I’m to carry Lily off. A task I’m willing enough to do. Turning her over to death is out of the question, though. I’m keeping this slip of a woman that looks upon me without fear and makes me feel like a man once again.


Welcome to New Orleans, a city seeping with magic & mayhem. This Christmas, we bring you twenty-six stories of finding forever love down in Bayou Country. Rest assured, the nights are hot, but the men are hotter. Get ready to set your Kindles on fire with this enchantingly haunted romance series.

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