Halloween Treat by Kristin Lance

Halloween Treat by Kristin Lance

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A Monstrous Mistake

On Halloween night, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and the monsters have come out to play. Meanwhile, our human leading ladies are ready to celebrate the holiday in style – with some hot men in costumes. The only problem? They haven’t yet noticed that the fur and fangs on their sexy men are entirely real. Will mistaken identity lead to love, or have these women made a monstrous mistake?

Reasons why it’s not my fault demons got summoned to my sister’s Halloween party:
1. I told Agnes not to use our grandmother’s cauldron as a drinks cooler, no matter how nice it looked with the decor.
2. Everyone knows the magical bloodline of the Eastey witches died off with our grandmother. Didn’t it?
3. Who the hell used a summoning spell as a drink recipe? Even if it did taste a little too delicious.
4. I’m not responsible for the random words I mumble while wasted and trying to avoid puking on anyone.

Hell, I didn’t even realize they were real demons until a kitsune showed up looking for his missing friend. Now I’ve let loose a demon who wants to devour me and a demon who wants to… devour me, but in a pleasant way. To save my sister, I have to figure out my non-existent magic while a sexy cinnamon roll of a demon and a gorgeous, grumpy nine-tailed fox shifter try to protect me from getting eaten. If only they’d both stop eying me like I was a delectable treat.

This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating the spirit of Halloween and monster romance.

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