Halloween Hunt by Riley Onyx

Halloween Hunt by Riley Onyx

Ever since I turned twenty-one weird things have been happening. I’m cursed, that’s the only explanation. Maybe the fact I haven’t had a boyfriend in exactly thirteen months is the reason for this trouble. I’m going to break my dry spell at the biggest Halloween party in town. I know who I want the moment I see the big guy dressed as a troll warrior.

One night is all I have to hunt fairy halflings before their magic messes up the mortal world. It’s Halloween, my favorite night for hunting, as every human is dressed as a monster which means I don’t need to use a glamour. At one of the human parties, I find a halfling, but I’m not the only one who wants her. A vampire is closing in and I’m going to have to fight my way out of the party. I never expected Andrea to fight at my side. Now she’s there, I don’t to let her go.

A Monstrous Mistake

On Halloween night, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and the monsters have come out to play. Meanwhile, our human leading ladies are ready to celebrate the holiday in style – with some hot men in costumes. The only problem? They haven’t yet noticed that the fur and fangs on their sexy men are entirely real. Will mistaken identity lead to love, or have these women made a monstrous mistake?

This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating the spirit of Halloween and monster romance.

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