Demon’s Bane by Leigh Miller

Demon’s Bane by Leigh Miller

A crime between realms. A twist of Goddess-bound fate. A peace between witches and demons threatening to unravel.

The Witch
I want nothing to do with the Crescent Coven. I’m happy with my tea shop and my small magick and my mundane life, and since the coven never wanted me, either, it’s better this way.

But when the High Priestess shows up on my doorstep and issues an ultimatum I can’t refuse, I’m pulled right back into the coven’s unending drama.

Only this time that drama includes a huge, handsome, surly demon who doesn’t trust witches, and who I’ve been paired up with to solve a crime that spans both our realms.

The Demon
The tea witch is my mate.

It shouldn’t be possible, but there’s no denying the instinct that crashes over me when I see her. To claim her. To protect her. To keep her.

But I’m not in this strange human realm to find a mate, and I can’t trust a single member of the Crescent Coven — liars and thieves, the lot of them.

With conflict threatening the newly forged bargain between witches and demons, I won’t forget my purpose here or the justice I mean to find. Even with a witch who smells of tea spice and sunshine, who feels like the other half of my soul, at my side.

Demon’s Bane is a steamy fantasy romance with a guaranteed HEA. While it can be read as a standalone, it is best enjoyed after book one in the Crescent Coven series, Demon’s Bride.

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