Beastly Arrangement by Elizabeth Dunlap

Beastly Arrangement by Elizabeth Dunlap

An ancient agreement between a family of witches and the Dragon beastkins sends Evangeline straight into a marriage she doesn’t want.

Her new husband is scaly, rude, and he makes her heart pound with excitement. She has no intention of bowing her head to this beast, but one touch from him is enough to bring her walls crumbling down.

Julien had no intention of agreeing to this marriage, until he saw Evangeline’s face, and his heart was stolen instantly. He knew he would have her, no matter the consequences.

If Julien and Evangeline can’t cast aside their differences, their timid new feelings will be shattered when another Dragon comes to claim Evangeline for his own.

Julien must prove to Evangeline, and himself, that she belongs in his bed, in his heart, and nothing will ever tear them apart.

**Warning: For Adult Audiences 18+. Language and actions may be deemed offensive to some. Sexually explicit content.**

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