Caught in the Basilisk’s Gaze by Mallory Dunlin

Caught in the Basilisk’s Gaze by Mallory Dunlin

My fated mate doesn’t want me—but if he doesn’t claim me, I die.

I risked my life to help fae flee a tyrant king. When my own escape goes wrong, I’m left stranded in the wilderness with an injured, arrogant fae mercenary. The last thing he wants is to claim his mortal soulmate, but we have to rely on each other, or die.

Unfortunately, he’s half-basilisk, and a single glance will kill me. Unless we mate… every three days.

He’s cocky, aloof, and far too aware of what his venom does to me. From the wilderness to the fae High Court, he’s my unwilling companion—and devoted, deadly protector. I can’t help being drawn to his passion and the playfulness he only shows me.

I’m hunted by a king and cursed with deadly magic I can barely control. He’s haunted by a past he refuses to acknowledge and secrets he can’t avoid.

Alone, we don’t stand a chance… but together, we might bring a kingdom to its knees.

“Caught in the Basilisk’s Gaze” is a complete story with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. This steamy fated mates romance features leads with troubled pasts forced into alliance—and thrown into the midst of a high-stakes conflict between fae kings.

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