Enticed by the Orc by Tabitha Black

Enticed by the Orc by Tabitha Black

Are you feeling lost? Lonely? Disenchanted?

In my case, it was yes to all of the above. So when I saw the ad promising to fulfill my biggest wish, I chugged the rest of my wine… and said the words: I deserve happiness. Love. Belonging.

I should’ve read the fine print.

Now I’m in another world, filled with Fae folk. There are witches, minotaurs, and trolls. The dark elf king has put a bounty on my head. And the only protector I have is a huge, grumpy orc who loathes humankind – including me. But his brusque commands and intense stare make my belly flip and my breath catch. And when he touches me… oh, my heart…

Despite our undeniable chemistry, the orc is determined to help me get home. Problem is, I’m not sure I want to go.

I kinda want to stay here…

With him.

This is the first in a steamy new series where each book will feature a different dominant monster hero falling in love. If you enjoy enemies to lovers, fish out of water, forced proximity, medium burn, grumpy/sunshine, personal growth, praise, a sprinkle of humor, and/or scorching heat levels, this one’s for you!

Publisher’s Note: While there’s a guaranteed HEA, this book includes potentially triggering themes. Please look inside for a full list. For mature readers only.

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