Shiela: Sacrificed to the Werewolf by Serenity Wylde

Shiela: Sacrificed to the Werewolf by Serenity Wylde

In a quaint village in Hertfordshire County, many years ago, there once lived a greedy and miserly overlord who taxed the villagers unfairly. Then came the great drought, and the villagers suffered through famine while Lord Payne lived happily in his castle on the hill, unwilling to share his food stores with anyone but his young son, Rangor.

The child was the overlord’s mirror image, brilliant and obedient to a fault, feeding his father’s selfish vanity. Until one day, the villagers sacrificed an innocent maiden to an evil warlock, who cursed Rangor permanently into a hideous werewolf, the mirror image of his father’s soul.

But, as with every good curse, there was one remedy: a pure maiden must willingly sacrifice her innocence to the werewolf. The villagers thought themselves quite clever, for who would ever give themself freely to a beast?

If you love monster romance short stories with a possessive werewolf, innocent maiden, and instalove, then buy your copy today!

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