In the Claws of the Raven Prince by Mallory Dunlin

In the Claws of the Raven Prince by Mallory Dunlin

To save my life, I became a slave. To keep it, I have to betray my soulmate.

When the fae save your life, they own it—and you. But when an attack by the deadly half-manticore, half-fae Raven Prince reveals that my Court’s greatest enemy is my soulmate, I’m offered a new deal:

Spy on my soulmate, and I’ll be free at the end of the war.

Expecting a dangerous monster, I agree.

Kidnapped, imprisoned, and subject to his unpredictable temper, I struggle to find my balance. But despite his animalistic possessiveness and wildness, I’m drawn to the Raven Prince. Every day leaves him with more of my heart… and shows me how foolish I was to bargain with the fae.

The only way out of my sworn word is death, and we can never have a future if I die in his arms. But how can I ever betray the prince who wants to make me his mate?

In the Claws of the Raven Prince is a complete story with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. This steamy enemies-to-lovers romance explores the boundary between love and obsession and features a possessive male lead as much beast as he is man.

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