Kissed by the Alien by Julie K. Cohen

I snagged me an alien. Technically, he snagged me. In a raid.

Now, we’re headed to a ball where he plans to woo me into divulging intel he needs. He thinks I have information that will blow the lid off his investigation. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.

The real question is: Which one of us will be wearing handcuffs by the time we’re done with each other?

Mine to Love!
Kissed by the Alien is a curvy girl, steamy alien Valentine’s Day romance laden with discovery, love, and temptation. Expect twists and turns and a very Happy Ever After.

💙 Brooding Hero
💙 Enemies to Lovers
💙 Abduction
💙 Rejected Mate
💙 Secret Identity
💙 Fated Mates

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